Mozello Form Integration for Blogs

Image showing 123FormBuilder platform integration with Mozello

Integrating 123FormBuilder with Mozello marks a significant step forward in simplifying the process of creating and managing online forms on the Mozello platform. With this integration, users gain access to a powerful form-building tool that enhances the functionality and effectiveness of their websites. This Mozello form integration seamlessly bridges the gap between form creation and website management, making it easier for Mozello users to engage with their audience and gather valuable data.

Image showing 123FormBuilder platform integration with Mozello

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Online Forms with Mozello Integration

Quickly Build Web Forms for Your Website

Image showing 123FormBuilder form templates with ActiveCampaign integration

One of the standout features of the 123FormBuilder Mozello integration is the remarkable ease with which users can create and customize online forms. With a user-friendly interface and a drag-and-drop builder, crafting forms tailored to your specific needs becomes a breeze.

Whether you require contact forms, surveys, event registrations, or order forms, 123FormBuilder’s integration with Mozello empowers you with versatile options. Additionally, the integration provides advanced features like conditional logic, allowing forms to adapt based on user responses and real-time data analysis, enabling you to gain insights into user interactions with your forms. With 123 forms, you access features like:

  • Conditional logic – Make the form more dynamic and tailored to each respondent’s needs by changing its contents in response to user input
  • Product Field – Create order forms quickly by filling out forms with vital product information for targeted advertising campaigns
  • Built-in calculations – Quickly input data and generate results based on your chosen algorithms 
  • Thank you notes – Send personalized messages of thanks to responders who consistently make intelligent comments
  • Form Insights – Gather data on the effectiveness of your forms to improve them and produce more leads
  • Include e-signature capabilities in your forms to boost productivity and streamline document signing processes
Image showing 123FormBuilder form templates with ActiveCampaign integration

Connecting Web Forms

Integrate with Mozello and Third-Party Apps

Image showing 123FormBuilder and Mozello integrations with 3rd party apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Sheets, PayPal, Wix, and more.

123FormBuilder’s integration with Mozello doesn’t stop at creating forms; it extends to seamlessly connecting them with various third-party applications to enhance functionality. Here are five examples of third-party integrations:

The 123FormBuilder Mozello integration revolutionizes how users create, manage, and secure online forms, enhancing the capabilities of Mozello websites. With user-friendly features, stringent safety measures, and numerous third-party integrations, it’s a powerful tool for businesses and individuals looking to engage their audience and collect valuable data effortlessly and securely.

Image showing 123FormBuilder and Mozello integrations with 3rd party apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Sheets, PayPal, Wix, and more.

Safety Features

Safeguard Responder Data

Image showing online form security measures like GDPR, Hipaa compliance, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Captcha verification.

123FormBuilder prioritizes the security and privacy of user data, making it a trusted choice for individuals and businesses alike. The platform offers a robust set of safety features to ensure that sensitive information remains protected.

123FormBuilder complies with key data protection regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA. This means that when you collect and manage personal data through online forms, you can do so confidently, knowing that you follow the law and the highest data security standards.

To fortify data integrity and protect against potential threats, 123FormBuilder incorporates advanced security measures. It employs DKIM and SPF to safeguard against email phishing and spoofing. These technologies verify the authenticity of email messages sent through the platform, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities

Additionally, 123FormBuilder integrates CAPTCHA support, which effectively distinguishes between human users and automated bots, mitigating the chances of spam submissions. These safety features collectively create a secure environment for handling user data through online forms, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and that businesses maintain the trust of their customers.

Image showing online form security measures like GDPR, Hipaa compliance, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Captcha verification.

Ready-to-use Form Templates

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic, and question branching.

Contact Form

Contact Form

Use this form template to collect data from Mozello website visitors quickly.

Lead Generation Survey

Lead Generation Survey

Grow your lead database with this unique online form template built for the job. 

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Do market research, test your customers, and check their satisfaction with your products. 

Sales Lead Form

Sales Lead Form

Help your sales team get more leads by quickly collecting data from web visitors.

How it works

Image showing create a form template icon

In your 123FormBuilder account, pick a template or build a form from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor. 

Image showing copy and paste icon

Go to the Publish section of your form of choice, select the Embed code tab, choose the Javascript embed option, and click Copy code.

Landing Pages

In your Mozello account, go to the website Editor and select the Page where you want to embed the form.

Image showing paste icon

Click on the area/element where you want the form, and select </> HTML. Paste the 123FormBuilder embed code in the popup and hit Apply.

Enhance your Mozello site and blog lead generation with Mozello form integration and 123FormBuilder!