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5 Essential Tools for GDPR Compliance

In a world increasingly driven by data, data protection and privacy are now of the utmost importance to individuals and enterprises. GDPR compliance becomes a necessity when working with personal data.

The General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) was created to protect people’s privacy rights and personal information. Every industry also has its own set of norms and guidelines, requiring customized Terms & Conditions. 

To navigate this complex landscape, you can use online tools to buy GDPR and Terms & Conditions certifications specific to your industry. You can later seamlessly integrate them with 123FormBuilder forms. This article will explore five tools that empower users to optimize their data protection and compliance efforts.

123FormBuilder – GDPR-Friendly Web Forms

Let’s start with the foundation: 123FormBuilder. This versatile online form builder is a powerful tool allowing users to easily create customized forms and surveys. Its intuitive interface requires no coding knowledge, making it accessible to a wide range of users. 

For those seeking GDPR and Terms & Conditions certification integration, 123FormBuilder offers various features to ensure data protection compliance:

  • GDPR Form Fields: Easily add GDPR consent checkboxes and fields to your forms, ensuring that users explicitly agree to your data handling policies.
  • Terms of Service Form Fields: Add Terms of Service consent checkboxes and fields to web forms, ensuring that responders explicitly agree to your company policies. 
  • Data Encryption: 123FormBuilder provides SSL encryption for form submissions, ensuring data is transmitted securely with CAPTCHA, SPF, and DKIM capabilities. 
  • Data Retention Policies: Customize your forms to align with GDPR data retention requirements, allowing you to automatically delete data when it’s no longer needed.

Where to Use Tools for GDPR Compliance and T&C Fields

Incorporating GDPR and Terms & Conditions fields into web forms is essential across various digital touchpoints. Whether you’re managing a lead generation campaign, a subscription-based service, or an e-commerce website, these fields are crucial to guaranteeing data protection and regulatory compliance. 

The GDPR and Terms & Conditions areas at the checkout, where consumers’ personal and financial information is gathered, are essential for e-commerce. Subscription services help manage user consent and communicate data usage policies. Even lead generation forms benefit from these fields, as they establish transparency with potential clients, ensuring they understand the terms of data collection and processing. 

Integrating GDPR and Terms & Conditions fields into web forms – no matter the context – fosters trust, aligns with regulatory requirements and safeguards user rights and your business’s legal standing.

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Iubenda is an all-encompassing compliance solution known for generating privacy policies, cookie policies, and other legal agreements. It streamlines compliance management and pairs perfectly with 123FormBuilder:

  • Code Embedding: Easily integrate Iubenda’s generated policies into your forms with provided code snippets.
  • Customization: Tailor your policies to your specific needs, ensuring they are comprehensive and GDPR compliant.
  • Legal Updates: Rest assured that your policies will stay up-to-date with Iubenda‘s ongoing monitoring of privacy laws.


Termly is a specialized platform for generating legally compliant privacy policies and Terms & Conditions documents. Users can create these documents tailored to their industry and website specifics. Termly’s user-friendly interface walks you through a series of questions, helping you customize your GDPR compliance policies effectively. 

To integrate Termly documents with 123FormBuilder:

  • Generate Industry-Specific Policies: Termly offers templates designed for various industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, and more.
  • Easy Integration: Once you’ve generated your policies, link to them within your 123FormBuilder forms, ensuring that users can access and consent easily.
  • Automatic Updates: Stay compliant effortlessly as Termly automatically updates your policies to reflect changes in the law.


Termageddon is a robust platform for generating legally compliant privacy policies, GDPR and Terms & Conditions documents. It’s lauded for its automatic updates, ensuring your policies align with the latest privacy laws. When harmonized with 123FormBuilder, Termageddon delivers added value:

  • Industry-Tailored Policies: Create industry-specific policies effortlessly, catering to various sectors and their unique compliance needs.
  • Simplified Integration: Seamlessly link your Termageddon-generated policies within your 123FormBuilder forms, enabling easy user access and consent.
  • Dynamic Compliance: Stay current with evolving regulations as Termageddon automatically updates your policies to reflect legal changes.

Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies is an online platform dedicated to helping businesses create customized privacy policies, GDPR compliance documents and Terms & Conditions agreements. It stands out for its user-friendliness and seamless integration capabilities:

  • Custom Templates: Utilize customizable templates that cater to various industries, providing a solid foundation for your policies.
  • Online Form Integration: Easily embed your policies into 123FormBuilder forms, offering users a transparent view of your data handling practices.


For websites that use cookies, Cookiebot offers an essential solution. It helps organizations comply with GDPR’s requirements for cookie consent. When used in conjunction with 123FormBuilder, Cookiebot ensures that your forms adhere to data protection principles:

  • Customizable Consent Options: Tailor the GDPR compliance consent options to match your specific data collection and processing needs within your forms.
  • Automatic Cookie Scanning: Cookiebot automatically scans your website for cookies, making maintaining an up-to-date record of your site’s cookie usage accessible.

Final Thoughts

Data protection and compliance are not optional; they are legal requirements that businesses must meet. When using 123FormBuilder to create forms, integrating GDPR compliance and Terms & Conditions certification tools is crucial. 

These tools offer comprehensive data protection and compliance solutions, from form creation to privacy policy generation, compliance tracking, and cookie consent management. 

Incorporating these tools into your workflow allows you to ensure that your forms and data collection processes are user-friendly, legally sound, and GDPR compliant, regardless of your industry or specific requirements. 

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