December 12, 2012

Step by step guide on PayPal Pro integration

PayPal Payments Pro allows you to accept payments directly on your
November 26, 2012

I get an error referring to the relay response. What to do?

If you get this error, it means that you need to add the URL of the page, where the payment is made, in your […]
November 23, 2012

How to downgrade the 123 Form Builder application for Wix?

If you need to cancel the subscription for the upgraded version of the 123 Form Builder app for Wix, follow the steps below: 1. In your […]
November 21, 2012

I get an error in my headline/HTML block. Why?

The most common reason why the form headline or an HTML block freezes and can’t be edited at all (sometimes triggering even other Form Editor problems) […]
November 15, 2012

Can I change the color of the asterisk marking required fields?

Yes, you can. Go to Settings → Themes, access the theme customization panel and open the Others submenu. There, you can change the color of the […]
November 15, 2012

The progress bar has only one color. Why?

Even if you can set two colors for your multipage progress bar in Settings → Themes → Others, these two colors only apply to percentage progress […]
November 15, 2012

Can I add a custom JS script to my form?

Yes, you can. Go to Settings → Advanced and tick the option Add a JS script to your form. Specify the script URL in the text […]
November 15, 2012

How to set up custom fields for Zoho CRM?

You can use the 123FormBuilder – Zoho CRM integration to set up Zoho CRM custom fields in a few simple steps. First, create the field in […]
November 15, 2012


The progress bar appears on multi-page forms. In this section, you can change the progress bar background and foreground color. These two colors apply to percentage […]
November 15, 2012


You can add your logo to the top border of the form. Select one of our predefined logos or use your own logo. Provide its URL […]
November 15, 2012


There are seven buttons that can appear on your form: Submit, Calculate, Reset, Next, Preview, Previous and Update. For any of them you can set a […]
November 15, 2012


Highlight appears when a form field is on focus. You can set the highlight color (the field background color on focus) and the highlighted text color. […]
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