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How to create email whitelists to save important messages

Let’s say you were waiting for some important messages, but none of them arrived in the inbox of your email account. It’s not because they weren’t sent, but because your email account filtered them as spam messages. To avoid having important messages marked as spam and lose them, you’ll need to create whitelists. Whitelists allow users to compile lists of senders they wish to receive emails from.

Keeping in touch with our users is a top priority, therefore we encourage each one of them to create a whitelist in their email account. This way messages sent by us will not get lost and we can offer better assistance.

Here is how you make a whitelist on the most used mailing platforms:


  1. Open your inbox,  click on the gear icon close to your Google account icon and select Settings 
  2. Select Filters and Blocked Addresses from the menu and click on Create a new filter
  3. In the From box write the domain name admin.123formbuilder.com  -> [IP:], [IP:].
  4. Click on Create filter with this search, in the bottom-right corner
  5. You can choose to archive the message and send it to a label(folder) if you have created any. If you tick the option Never send it to Spam, each message from us will be found in your inbox.
  6. Press Create Filter, in the bottom-left corner and you’re done

Important: Repeat for admin.123formbuilder.io -> [IP:] the same steps listed above.

Optional: You can tick the option Also apply filter to X matching conversations, X being the number of emails found in your account with admin.123formbuilder.com or admin.123formbuilder.io as the sender. If it’s 0, you no longer need to use this option.

To whitelist our IPs you need to be a G Suite administrator. To add the IPs go to the Admin console Home page, go to Apps – G suite – Gmail – Advanced Settings and select your domain.

Next in the Spam section click on Add another and select to create a new whitelist. Open your whitelist and enter the IP address of the sending mail servers you want to whitelist.


  1. In the top-right corner click on the gear symbol next to Settings
  2. Go to More Settings – Filters
  3. Click on Add to create a filter
  4. Give the filter a name
  5. Next to From write the domain name admin.123formbuilder.com
  6. Click Save to apply the changes

Important: Repeat for admin.123formbuilder.io  the same steps listed above


  1. Under Settings, click on View all Outlook Settings
  2. Select Junk Email and under Safe Senders and domains click on Add
  3. Press Save and you’re done.

Important: Repeat for admin.123formbuilder.io the same steps listed above.

If you own an Office 365 account you can add our IPs from your administrator account. Log into your admin portal and go to Admin – Exchange area – Exchange – Connection Filter. Click the edit icon, hit the plus sign and add the IP address in the Allowed IP list.


1. Log into you AOL webmail account
2. Go to the Contacts section, located on the left side and add a New Contact
4. In the Email1 box type in admin.123formbuilder.com which is our domain name.
6. Click Add Contact and you’re done!

Important: Repeat for admin.123formbuilder.io the same steps listed above.


  1. Connect to your cPanel Control Panel
  2. Log in as Administrator
  3. From the Email section click Spam Filters- Advanced Configurations – Show additional configurations 
  4. Select Whitelist ( Emails always allowed )- Edit Spam Whitelists Settings
  5. Add the IP and IP: which are the IP of our 123FormBuilder servers.
  6. Click Save and you’re done!

Important: repeat these steps for our other IP:

This concludes the tutorials for creating email whitelists for the most commonly used platforms. We hope this proved useful and that you will no longer lose messages sent by our team.

*Important Note You can expect a propagation time up to 48 hours.

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