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Click on Edit User to change user information (name, company, email, user type) or to reset the password. You can also rename a company, delete a company or delete a user. In Permissions, you can grant and remove user access to forms and you can decide how much control users have over their forms. If you create administrator accounts, they can manage the other subaccounts for you and groups of forms (if the options can manage other users and can manage groups are checked in the add/edit user lightbox).

Each section has got a set of permission levels – Form Editor, Settings, Submissions, Reports: No access, View only, View & Edit and View, Edit & Create. The permission for each section is set individually.

Case scenario: If a user creates a Data Table report, but hasn’t got access to Submissions, he/she will not be able to see the content of the created report.

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In the subsection Operations Allowed, you can establish whether users are allowed to create new forms, to duplicate or to delete forms.

With respect to creating new forms, there are three suboptions that you can use. New forms can be available only to the user that creates them, only to the users from the parent company, or to all users.
Important: The options selected in Operations Allowed have priority over what you have set in Forms Allowed.
Case scenario: You have stopped allowing a user to edit your form. He or her still will be able to delete the form, if the option Allow user to delete forms is checked.

Here is a complete guide on how to manage your subaccounts.

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