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How to set permissions for folders?

Granting permissions to a folder, allows admin users to easily give access to other sub-users to see an entire group of forms. This is… Read more

How to set up Access Levels and Permissions for web forms?

If you run an organisation and have a 123FormBuilder account, but don't have the time to manage your online forms, you can create subaccounts… Read more

What is the subaccount password?

The subaccount password is part of the credentials needed for the subusers to access their 123FormBuilder subaccounts. The login data is sent to subusers… Read more

How much control do subusers have over their forms?

It is up to you. You can grant subusers no, some or full access to each section. There are two types of subusers: standard… Read more

How many subusers can I create on my master account?

Subaccounts can be added on any of our paid plans. However, please note that in order to add a subaccount, you will need to… Read more

User Activity

Your subusers will use their accounts like any other user of the platform. But, depending on the permission levels you've granted them, each section… Read more

User Management

Click on Edit User to change user information (name, company, email, user type) or to reset the password. You can also rename a company,… Read more

Add users

The main Users page lists all the subaccounts belonging to your master account. Note: Subusers are available for any paid plan. All that you… Read more


If you use 123FormBuilder web forms on your clients' websites, you can create subaccounts for them. This way, clients will be able to access… Read more