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Duplicate Reports

Reports can be duplicated with all their content and data. To duplicate a report, go to the Reports section and follow the steps below:… Read more

How to filter reports based on submission status?

This filter works only when the option Allow respondents to save the submission and resume later is enabled (in Settings → Advanced). It refers… Read more

Can I save reports as PDF files?

Yes, you can save all your form reports as PDF files on your computer or device. It can be the default report or a… Read more

Can I publish my form report on a web page?

Yes, you can use an iFrame code to retrieve the URL of the report and add it to your web page. The code looks… Read more

Can I filter reports based on quiz results?

Yes, you can. In the Reports section of your form, when creating or editing a report, click on the Report Filters bar to expand… Read more

Can I filter reports based on payment status?

Yes, you can filter reports based on payment status. In the Reports section of your form, click to edit or create a report. Next,… Read more

My form reports display inaccurate data. What to do?

Form reports display inaccurate data whenever you change the choice fields of your form, but haven't updated the reports themselves. If you change the… Read more

Update Report button

Starting from 8 May 2015 all reports are updated automatically. Therefore,the feature is no longer available and this article is outdated. Using this feature… Read more

My reports contain more messages than the Submissions table does. Why?

By default, the Reports section takes into account all the submissions ever received. When you delete entries from the Submissions section, they are not… Read more

Can I filter reports based on submission date?

Yes, you can filter reports based on submission date. Go to your Reports section, edit your report and click Report Filters at page top,… Read more

Can I password protect my form report?

Yes. When you click on Publish Report, a lightbox shows up, from where you can get the link to the public report. This report… Read more

How to include form submissions in my report?

You can insert a table containing form submissions in your report by clicking on Add Widget → Data Table. If you want to share… Read more