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Can I publish my form report on a web page?

Yes, you can use an iFrame code to retrieve the URL of the report and add it to your web page. The code looks something like this:

form-report-URL" width="900" height="400" style="border-bottom:0; border-top:0; border-left:0;

publish form report ></p>
<p>• Replace <b>form-report-URL</b> from the <em>src</em> attribute with the URL of your form report. It’s the URL displayed in <b>Reports</b> → <b>Your report</b> → <b>Publish</b>. </p>
<p>• Open your form report and use Inspect Element on your browser to determine the width and height of the layout. Return to the iFrame code and replace the values for <em>width</em> and <em>height</em> with the ones of your form report. We recommend you add a higher value for both, in case you have other content on the page, so the two elements don’t get mixed. </p>
<p>• The style included in the code will remove the border of the iFrame, so the form report will look better embedded. You can remove the <em>style</em> if you do not need it. </p>
<p>Once you’ve finished editing this code line, include it in the HTML editor of your web page. If you are using a website builder service, use a HTML widget and paste the code line there. The report will be automatically updated to your audience. </p>
<p><u>Important</u>: Make your report public in <b>Reports</b> → <b>Your report</b> → <b>Publish</b>, otherwise the report will not show up on your web page. </p>

        <div class= SIGN UP FOR FREE


  1. As I have a guesthouse I would like to promote on the my form and that clients when they go on that form they can see and book their holiday on that site also
    Regards Doris

    1. Hello!

      I apologize for the late reply. If I’ve understood correctly, you want to publish a booking form on your website? This can be easily achieved by editing our booking form template in your form editor as you see fit. Afterwards, use the JavaScript code located in the Publish FormEmbed Code section to add your booking form to your website.

      For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


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