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With 123FormBuilder and Blogger integration, you can easily collect essential data from your visitors. Build a contact form for Blogger within minutes and publish it on your blog with simple copy & paste. No coding skills are needed for this form builder for websites!


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123FormBuilder, your form solution for Blogger

One of the greatest advantages of the 123FormBuilder BigCommerce integration is its ease of use. Creating and managing online forms has never been easier because you don’t need any coding skills to make a beautiful order formsurvey, or questionnaire.

With the BigCommerce integration with forms, you can effortlessly gather valuable customer information and streamline your sales process. Here are some incredible features that will make your life easier:

Use 123FormBuilder and Blogger to create and customize your online forms to meet your particular needs. The seamless integration with Blogger makes it really easy to create and publish your desired forms on your blog without requiring any coding knowledge!

Build beautiful online forms with just a few clicks with 123FormBuilder. And they look great on mobile screens, too! Make it easier for visitors, volunteers, or guests to register and sign up, allowing them to schedule appointments quickly or receive payments.

Create more than Blogger contact forms. Try your luck with event registration formsonline surveysorder forms (with a very cool order form creator), or any other type of web form or survey, and publish them on your blog. You have thousands of online form templates at your disposal from our gallery. Try out 123FormBuilder and start building your blog form online.

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Online form generator with Blogger integration

Create, publish, and manage your online forms using 123FormBuilder‘s tools. You have endless possibilities when personalizing your Blogger contact form page.

The Blogger form builder integration includes the features you require, whether you want to learn more about your consumers and what they think of your goods or services or you run an event or eCommerce website.

Create your Blogger contact form with these top features:

Image showing 123FormBuilder and Blogger integration with features like free templates, drag & drop form builder, conditional logic, custom success messages and autoresponders, and form analytics.

Link your preferred tools to your Blogger form

Your collected data is always protected with 123FormBuilder. We have ISO certifications and adhere to GDPR and HIPAA regulations. Additionally, the safety elements of our online form solution, such as Captchadata encryptionSPF, and DKIM, are included.

Use our forms with Blogger website builder features to streamline your data-collecting processes. Work more efficiently and quickly with our native integration with other well-known programs like SalesforceZapierMailchimpMarketo, and Google Sheets. The time formerly spent manually copying and pasting data can now be used for more worthwhile activities.

Create secure order forms that can be used by clients from all over the world and accept payments using the payment processor of your choice. Registration, order, and payment forms are available for integration with PaypalStripeAuthorize.netSquare, and other services through our Blogger online form builder interface.

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Ready-to-use Form Templates

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic, and question branching.

Browse 2,000+ form templates

How to use 123FormBuilder integration with Blogger

Sign in to your 123FormBuilder account, pick a template, or build your own form.

Go to Publish, Platforms, and select Blogger. Copy the code generated for the form.

From your Blogger account, create a new post and paste the code. Publish it, and you’re good!

Build Blogger contact forms using 123FormBuilder and start collecting visitor data!