Online Forms with Marketo Integration

Improve your demand generation efforts by automatically sending contacts to your mailing lists and smart lists in Marketo. Collect data from 123FormBuilder and send it to Marketo by using the native free form integration to Marketo. Create and use an order form, a payment form, a lead generation form, or a contact form and automatically sync data to Marketo, using it to increase productivity and grow your business.

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Marketo integration automation processes

Sync lead data directly from a 123FormBuilder web form or survey to Marketo lists using the Marketo form integration. User contact data syncs automatically from form submissions to Marketo in real-time, so you only have to set up the initial integration. Your new Marketo CRM integration will help you automate workflows, marketing tasks, and nurturing leads.

Turn your online forms or surveys into active and automated lead collectors for your marketing campaigns, helping you stay in touch with your most important prospects effortlessly. After the simple, one-time integration, you won’t need to take any further action because Marketo will automatically get visitor information from your web forms or surveys.

No-code customizable Marketo forms

With the built-in Marketo free form integration with 123FormBuilder, users can access numerous features meant to increase their lead generation efforts and automate their workflows. Our online form builder features include the following:

  • Drag & Drop Editor – Select from predefined form fields and controls to create your form
  • Fully Branded Forms & Surveys – Brand and customize your forms and surveys
  • Conditional Logic – Depending on user form selection, show or hide fields, send an automatic response, or redirect to a specific page
  • Custom Success Pages – Personalize Thank-you message for your forms
  • Multi-Language Support – Translate your secure forms and surveys into multiple languages 
  • Real-time Reports and Analytics – Uncover valuable insights from your surveys

Safe data collection practices

With an additional layer of security, 123FormBuilder guards your Marketo forms integration against potential submission issues like a poor network connection on the submitter’s end that can prevent a lead from being created in Marketo. Collect personal information responsibly, building trust with existing and future clients.

With Marketo integration partners like 123FormBuilder, you have nothing to fear. We enable you to create SSL-secured web forms and surveys with various anti-spam features: reCAPTCHA, Smart CAPTCHA, data encryption, DKIM, and SPF. And rest assured that our form builder is secure: we are HIPAA and GDPR compliant and have ISO certifications.

Ready-to-use Form Templates

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic, and question branching.

Browse 2,000+ form templates

How to use 123FormBuilder forms integration with Marketo

Step 1

Log into your 123FormBuilder account, pick a template, or create a unique form using the drag-and-drop form editor.

Step 2

Choose the Marketo integration from the Set up section and enable it for your form to automate data collection.

Step 3

Complete your setup, publish your web form, and be ready to start collecting data and syncing it to Marketo.

Use 123FormBuilder and Marketo free form builder to automate your demand generation efforts.