1. OMPRAKASH says:

    Hello I want to know how to add Contact Form in blog

    • Daira Tabuica says:

      If you want to publish your form on Blogger, you can do this by accessing the Publish section of your form and copy the link provided on the right. Afterwards, you can go in your Blogger account and paste the code in Html mode.
      If you have more questions you can also send an email to

  2. Laquita says:

    Will your forms run ads of any kind on my blog?? I want to use this feature but not if ads will be on my blog.

    • vlad says:


      Thank you for contacting us about this.

      Our service is not using any ads, so you can build and publish forms with no problems.

      If you have any further questions regarding our product, you can also contact us at .


  3. Sriram says:

    I need help with posting the form under my Contact us page.
    The link is “”
    I tried posting, however the preview page doesn’t display anything. Is there anything that I need to do from my end?

    Thank You


    Sriram L

  4. J says:

    How do I get a form for blogger that allows people to send picture/videos?

    • Hello!

      With 123FormBuilder you can create any type of online forms and embedded them very easily on your Blogger posts. Use the File Upload field to receive pictures or videos your submitters might send. Next, copy the code from the Blogger tab (in the Publish section) and paste it in the HTML mode of your post.

      For more questions or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at or via our contact form.


  5. sukia says:

    how to get blogger contact form ?
    thank you,
    Best Regards,

    s u k i a

    • Hello Sukia!

      In the Form Publish section of your contact form, click on the Blogger tab and copy the code displayed on the right. Next, create or edit a new post in your Blogger account and paste the code in HTML mode. Publish your article and you will see the contact form displayed in your page.

      Contact our Support Team whenever you need assistance.


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