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Can I publish online forms on Moodle LMS?

Yes, you can easily publish online forms on Moodle. All you need to do in your 123FormBuilder publish ></p>
<p>Log into your Moodle admin account, enable editing in <b>Administration</b> → <b>Front page settings</b> and click on <b>Add an activity or resource</b> on the top-right (next to Login).</p>
<p style=publish ></p>
<p>In the lightbox, go to <b>Resources</b> (bottom) and select <b>Page</b>. Hit <b>Add</b> to progress to the edit section of your page. </p>
<p style=publish ></p>
<p>In the page editor, add a title and description to your page. Inside <b>Content</b>, click to expand the buttons of your toolbar and look for the <b>HTML</b> button (symbol: <>). </p>
<p style=publish ></p>
<p>Click on the HTML button to switch to the HTML editor and paste the JavaScript code of the online form inside the content. <span style=Note: The JavaScript code will automatically update your online form on Moodle while you edit it in your 123FormBuilder account.

publish ></p>
<p>When you have finished editing the page, click on <b>Save and display</b>, on the bottom, to view your online form from the student’s perspective. That’s it! Your students can now submit your form on Moodle and all form data will be sent to your 123FormBuilder account, in the <b>Submissions</b> section of your online form.   </p>
<p style=publish ></p>
<p>For questions or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support specialists at support@123formbuilder.com or through our <a href=contact form.

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