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Can I add my online forms to PrestaShop?

Yes, you can. To add online forms to PrestaShop, go to your 123FormBuilder account, copy the JavaScript code of your form and paste it inside a JavaScript module from your PrestaShop webpage. If you don’t have the JavaScript module for PrestaShop, you can either buy it from PrestaShop’s marketplace or follow the steps below:

1. Open the source control software from your server where all your PrestaShop files and folders are located. Go to ThemesYour Theme and select the page where you want to add the online form. In this tutorial, we will change the contact form located on the Contact Us page. Open the file contact-form.tpl and delete all content within the file. If you cannot open it with Notepad, try Notepad++.

<p>2. Log into your 123FormBuilder account, select the form you want to publish in <b>My Forms</b> and go to the <b>Get Code & Publish</b> → <b>Embed Code</b> section. Copy the JavaScript code of your form and return to your .tpl file to paste it there. Next, save your changes and overwrite the old <b>contact-form.tpl</b> file with the new one (if changes haven’t been applied directly on the server).</p>
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<p>Return to your PrestaShop website (visual mode) and you’ll find the new contact form on the <b>Contact Us</b> webpage. All form submissions, received through your PrestaShop webpage, will be saved in the <b>Submissions</b> section on 123FormBuilder. Whenever you edit the online form in your 123FormBuilder, all changes will be automatically applied on your PrestaShop website, but only if you use the JavaScript code. </p>
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<p><u>Note</u>: This documentation is made with the use of PrestaShop 1.6 without any customized modifications.    </p>

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