Tuesday Template: The RSVP Form, A First Brick for The Success of Every Event


by 123FormBuilder

Every special moment in our life needs preparation and planning. From baby showers, birthdays, weddings, parties, all have our full attention and we want to have every detail in place so that nothing could go wrong. Thus, we equip with list of guests, catering options, venues and much more. Because most of the time the success of our event is granted by the people who attend.

And here comes in handy the 123FormBuilder RSVP form template which you can customize to fit your own event. By using it, you will find out exactly who will come and you will have the specific number of guest so that planning ahead all the details won’t be a burden anymore. But beside the well known benefit of using a RSVP, our form builder offers much more.


Using a RSVP form with 123FormBuilder

Well, here are a few tips you have to know to understand the full use of a RSVP form:

  • Fully customize – no matter the situation, you can fully customize the form. From weddings, to Christmas parties, every scenario can be adapted in your form. This also means that you can easily brand the form with all the visual elements you need.
  • Collect fees – if you organize a party that requires attendees to give a fee for food, drinks or other purposes, you can collect it directly through the form. 123FormBuilder is the only form builder that allows multiple payment processors integration on the same form. You will have the budget for your Christmas party in no time.
  • Create a solid database – here you can joggle with a simple database in Google spreadsheet, you can import leads to an existing database or you can create a new one in a CRM, automatically through our 3rd party app integrations. You can use all the stocked information to send reminder emails, for internal communication related to the event or to solicit feedback if it fits.
  • Add field rules – are the perfect feature of a form if you want to keep the form simple. Fields will appear to the attendants as they fill the form. For example, if they check “Yes I attend” than a field asking “What kind of food would you prefer” will appear. This will ease the submission for those checking they will not come to the event. The use of advanced rules are many but the important thing is that it will remain user friendly.

RSVP evnt

With such a RSVP form, organizing parties or other special events will be a piece of cake, especially that now our Google Calendar integration will allow you to create a new event in your personal agenda. Hence, neither you nor the guests will forget about the event. It’s really as easy as 1-2-3!

We would love to see other great examples of forms on our dedicated Twitter hashtag #TuesdayTemplate.

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