Import contacts to your SalesForce account

Business contact management is a delicate issue that calls for meticulous organization of contact information. SalesForce services meet this requirement through various types of software applications. 123FormBuilder services, on the other hand, can fuel SalesForce accounts with contact information from your form submitters.

SalesForce leads and contacts can be energized with the help of 123FormBuilder web forms. 123FormBuilder offers a 3rd party integration with SalesForce, thus allowing you to send form submitters’ information to your SalesForce account as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s how to do it.

To enable the SalesForce form integration for your 123FormBuilder web forms, go to Settings -> Applications, select SalesForce in the dropdown list and press Add. The application box will show up in the lower part of the page.

Type in your SalesForce Email, SalesForce Password and SalesForce Authentication Token and select the type of Object that you want to create with the SalesForce web form integration – Lead or Contact. Leads designate the information that still needs some investigation to be turned in real contacts, whereas Contacts contain verified and trusty data.


Press Customize to open the customization lightbox and establish field associations for your SalesForce form integration. Match provided SalesForce fields with corresponding 123FormBuilder fields. As an example, you should match the SalesForce Company field with the 123FormBuilder field that requires visitors to enter the name of their company, i.e. the same piece of information.


Press Save, then Save again in the main box and you’re set to generate contacts and leads for your SalesForce account using our SalesForce web forms integration. The application may be integrated with any type of web form, published on any webpage or social platform. You can use it for Facebook, Blogger or WordPress contact forms, with Google Sites, on your own website or hosted on the 123FormBuilder platform.

Sign up for a 123FormBuilder account to start usign the SalesForce form integration. If you already have a 123FormBuilder account, click here to log in.

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