Capture Leads from Forms with BigContacts Integration

Integrate your 123FormBuilder forms with BigContacts and add new entries to your CRM with every form submission.

Sales Lead Form

Organize your contacts, plan your campaigns, maximize your sales

BigContacts helps small business automate the tasks that come with managing the sales pipeline. Its tools help manage to-dos, schedule email campaigns, track new leads, and better organize contacts.

123formbuilder features


  • Streamline contact information from your web form to your BigContacts account
  • Map the information sent from your form to BigContacts
  • Use conditional logic and branching
  • Create custom email replies
  • Style your forms with your own brand and colors
Usage Example

Customize the customer experience

As your form submissions become new entries in BigContacts CRM, powerful communication tools are standing by to engage your leads. Uphold your brand with a custom form theme and personalized confirmation page. Stay on the customer’s radar with email marketing templates that are flexible and easy to implement.

Update existing contacts on the fly

We’ve said a lot about capturing new leads from forms. What if the form submission is coming from a returning visitor who has new contact details or other data? BigContacts can update even already captured leads!

Application Example

Easily Integrate with 123FormBuilder

Mapping your web form to your BigContacts account is easy. Go to Settings3rd Party Apps, hover over the BigContacts logo and click Add. Map the desired BigContacts fields to those in your web form.

For more details, see our documentation.

Ready to use templates

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