Web Forms with FreshBooks Integration

Image showing 123FormBuilder platform integration with FreshBooks

Are you looking for a way to send your form data to your FreshBooks account? With 123FormBuilder, you can accept payments, donations, and online orders without having to write a single line of code and send the data further on with our FreshBooks integration. Impress your clients with professional invoices, use automatic patent reminders, and facilitate payments from clients.

Image showing 123FormBuilder platform integration with FreshBooks

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Easy-to-use form builder

Build FreshBooks form invoices how you need them

Image showing a Invoice Request Template integration with FreshBooks

Our user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy to create professional invoices or forms within minutes – no coding required! Plus, you can easily customize your forms with our pre-built templates.

FreshBooks integration o allows users to easily integrate their forms with FreshBooks to generate invoices automatically when a customer fills out a form. It saves time and effort for businesses, allowing them to focus on growing their business instead of manual data entry.

Add tax and price calculations, coupon codes, and discounts, automate thank you messages after submissions, brand your forms and use e-signature fields. Create forms with conditional logic and get insights into how customers interact with your forms. Set up email notifications and check your online form performance with 123 Form Insights.

Image showing a Invoice Request Template integration with FreshBooks

Say goodbye to data exports

Use native integrations to automate your processes

Image showing 123FormBuilder and Freshbooks integration with 3rd party apps like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Google Sheets, Salesforce and Zapier.

Integrating your forms and invoices with your favorite online tools has never been easier! With our native integrations, you can quickly connect your forms with any leading CRMs, ERPs, or payment gateways. Connect your forms with Freshbooks integration with Salesforce and other favorite tools in seconds.

We understand how vital it is for you to be able to click and link our forms with your preferred tools effortlessly. As a result, 123FormBuilder is connected to a multitude of online tools. Automate procedures to free up time for what truly matters in your organization.

123FormBuilder forms integrate fully with powerful software and apps such as Salesforce, Zapier, Hubspot, and Mailchimp. With FreshBooks form integration and customizable web forms from 123, you can collect data, responses, and client payments in no time!

Image showing 123FormBuilder and Freshbooks integration with 3rd party apps like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Google Sheets, Salesforce and Zapier.

100% secure data collection

Collect payments and data securely

Image showing online form security measures like GDPR, Hipaa compliance, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and Captcha verification.

Money and data are two of the most sensitive things to work with. 123FormBuilder takes data security seriously. We ensure that all transactions are secured with our advanced encryption methods, so you can rest assured that your sensitive data is safe from malicious activity.

Create appealing forms with invoice compatibility while keeping client data secure. Use forms with FreshBooks integration confidently simply because your submitted information (including payment details) remains safe with 123FormBuilder.

For the peace of mind of all involved parties (yours and your respondents), your forms with FreshBooks for nonprofits are GDPR and HIPAA-compliant. 123 forms are ISO certified and incorporate SSL encryption to ensure that data transfers are as safe as possible. Lastly, our system includes security measures such as DKIM, SPF, and Captcha, ensuring that any information shared via web forms is secure.

Image showing a 123FormBuilder form template with multiple payment processors options like PayPal, Stripe, Square and security features.

Ready-to-use Form Templates

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic, and question branching.

Purchase Order Form

Purchase Order Form

Automate processing orders through our customizable online form template. 

Auction Donation Form

Auction Donation Form

Quickly collect online auction donations from your benefactors with this handy form template.

Contact Form

Contact Form

Collect data and payments, and receive messages directly from your website.

Cake Order Form

Cake Order Form

Automate your bakery’s online selling process by personalizing this form template.

How it works

Image showing create a form template icon

Sign in to your 123FormBuilder account, choose a form template, or build your own form with drag and drop.

Image showing connect a payment processor icon

From the Payments section, choose FreshBooks, enable it, sign in to your account, then set up client information and invoice.

Image showing form sharing icon

Add the finishing touches to your online form, and then you’re ready to use it as you see fit to collect payments.

Optimize sending invoices and collecting data with 123FormBuilder and FreshBooks integration.