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How to add new Campaign Monitor subscribers

Campaign Monitor is a great way to manage your email campaigns. But what if you want a creative way to gather new subscribers? Here’s how to connect your customer forms to your Campaign Monitor database in a few simple steps:

  • Log into your 123FormBuilder account (if you’re not already) and access the form you want to use to gather subscribers
  • Go to the Settings → Third-Party Apps section of your form
  • Hover over Campaign Monitor and click Add
  • Activate with your Campaign Monitor credentials, then click Continue and Allow 123FormBuilder to access your Campaign Monitor account
  • Click Save

That’s it! Now the Campaign Monitor app is connected to your form and submissions will go directly to the Campaign Monitor fields you mapped to the form, saving you lots of money and time while improving data accuracy.

What you can do with Campaign Monitor and 123FormBuilder

  • Build custom email forms with simple drag and drop, no coding required
  • Create and update subscribers in Campaign Monitor
  • Map form field data to standard and custom fields in Campaign Monitor
  • Resubscribe users through a form submission

Benefits of using 123FormBuilder with Campaign Monitor

  • Connect apps easily
  • Create complex forms that work on any device
  • Drive more leads and conversions
  • No coding required

About 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder (former 123ContactForm) is an intuitive form building platform that helps users create efficient workflows, collect data and achieve success. 123FormBuilder exists to empower customers to collect, manage and communicate their data and is all about creating efficiency, enabling growth and achieving results by being customer-centric, adaptable, efficient and fun.

About ActiveCampaign

Campaign Monitor is a global email marketing company. Three products—Campaign Monitor, Emma, and Delivra—offer a full range of email solutions to help marketers create meaningful, lasting connections with their audience.