Convert Web Form Contacts into Leads with
PipelineDeals Integration

Integrate your forms with PipelineDeals and add new leads to your account with every form submission.

custom forms for unbounce pages

Stay on top of your workflow and close more deals

Every incoming contact on your form represents an opportunity. When you integrate PipelineDeals with
your 123FormBuilder web form, people and deals are sent straight to your account. Follow up without
missing a beat!

123formbuilder features


  • Convert site visitors into sales leads through submissions
  • Customize the data to send to your Pipeline Deals account
  • Set conditional logic and branching
  • Create custom confirmation pages
  • Generate real-time reports with graphs and widgets
Usage Example

Eliminate data entry

The moment a customer submits the form on your website, the information becomes a lead to track in PipelineDeals. Delegate the customer to a team member and embark on a profitable relationship without stopping to key in customer data.

Import Leads 24/7

You have the skills to author mobile-friendly, high-engaging web forms with 123FormBuilder. There’s nothing to code, everything to drag and drop. Potential customers will reach out to you on their own schedule. Your customized, branded form can accept advanced forms of input including document uploads.

Application Example

Integrate with 123FormBuilder in Minutes

Mapping your web form to your PipelineDeals account is easy. Go to Settings3rd Party Apps,
select Pipeline Deals in the dropdown list and press Add. Provide your API Key when prompted
and choose the type of Object that you want to create: People, Deals or Deals + People. Now
you can link your form fields to PipelineDeals fields. Don’t forget to save!

Ready to use templates

Select the type of form you need for your business below or browse
through our complete form templates collection.

Online Order Form

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Customer Satisfaction Survey template

Keep your customers happy by providing them with a friendly online order form that you can connect to the payment processor of your choice.

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Cake Order Form

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Contact Form template

Add this cake order form to your website and get orders sent directly to your inbox.
Brand the form to match your business, no programming skills needed!

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Membership Application Form

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360 Degree Feedback Survey template

Help newcomers to join your organization with an online membership application form. Personalize it as you wish, without worrying about technical skills – you don’t need any!

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