Seamless Checkouts with Braintree

Integrate Braintree with your 123FormBuilder order forms and start collecting payments securely and easily.

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Simple to use yet fully customizable, Braintree enables companies of all sizes to handle just about any payment method.

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Got an order form that needs to accept payments?
Sign up for Braintree, then integrate it with as your payment processor in 123FormBuilder today. Here’s how:

  • Go to Form SettingsPayments. Under Payment Processors, select Braintree in Payment Gateway and hit +Add payment gateway.

  • Enter your Braintree Merchant ID, Public Key and Private Key. You can find them in your Braintree Payments Dashboard.

  • Customize the settings according to your needs, then click Run Transaction Summary to see your transactions.

    * Note that your Braintree currency selection will override any currency selection previously selected in 123FormBuilder.

  • Set up recurring payments

    In order to set up recurring payments with your Braintree integration, you will have to create a new plan. Go to Recurring BillingPlans and hit New. Next, specify the Plan Details and the Billing Details. Finally, paste the Plan ID in the SettingsPayments section of your 123FormBuilder account, under BraintreePlan ID.

  • Let the cash flow!

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About 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder helps more than half a million businesses worldwide create intuitive forms that power all kinds of online transactions. From large companies to charities and personal websites, entities everywhere are creating advanced HTML forms with no need for coding.

Beneath the drag-and-drop simplicity is a wealth of advanced transaction features. 123FormBuilder forms support custom calculations, markups and discounts, and coupon codes.

Why Braintree?

Braintree is a payment gateway that handles one-time and recurring transactions quickly, securely, and quietly while preserving the look and feel of your site. Whether you choose the easy Braintree drop-in UI or import your own, you can remain confident that your transactions are as PCI compliant as they are elegant. Worry no more. Braintree includes advanced fraud protection, including exclusive 3D Secure technology, an added verification measure that helps you spot potential fraud before it happens.

Braintree is currently available to merchants in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.