Build advanced forms & surveys
for Marketo

Web forms and surveys are essentials for your success. The 123FormBuilder for Marketo integration helps you build them
easily and send data to Marketo in real time!

Advanced forms and surveys tool for Marketo

Need online surveys for marketing insight & visitor engagement? Power them up now!

Marketo is one of the world’s best marketing automation tools, with lots of features for successful marketers. Online surveys and other types of online forms are great tools for getting marketing insight and turning traffic into leads. How to bring together the two bests? The answer is simple: with 123FormBuilder, our Marketo integration that helps you run your surveys easily and gather useful data plus Marketo leads - as easy as 1-2-3.

From simple online polls or feedback widgets that spark visitor engagement on your website to complex in-depth marketing surveys: everything is easy to run and manage. You can even add conditional logic to your surveys to interact with your visitors better and draw custom reports for data visualization. Find us in the Marketo LaunchPoint today! Whenever you need guidance, we are here to help.

Build your optimized forms without coding

123FormBuilder for Marketo gives you the environment to create all types of web forms and online surveys and publish them wherever you need: on your website, within email marketing campaigns, on social media or any platform of your choice.
Drag & drop ease
With such easy drag & drop form editing tools, any web form or survey is ready in minutes. You can start from our gallery of 100+ predefined form templates, or build your own custom form and design it to represent your brand at all times.
Drag & drop form and survey tool for Marketo
Marketo surveys with conditional logic and branching
Smart online surveys with conditional logic
Your online surveys can behave dynamically through conditional logic and branching. You can route responses to several departments by using custom notifications.
Engaging online forms
From landing page forms, newsletter opt-ins and opt-outs, event registration forms, order forms with payment integration and more: we’ve got you covered.
Free Online Form & Survey Templates for Marketo
Advanced Marketing Ecosystem
Advanced marketing ecosystem
123FormBuilder integrates with an entire ecosystem of other business platforms and apps, so that your form can seamlessly participate to your business processes.
Real-time reports
As your web form or survey gets filled in, you have a full database of submissions at hand anytime. Using the built-in reporting tools of 123FormBuilder you can draw queries on your data and present it visually through custom graphs. You can also enable the Google Analytics integration on your online form.
Real-time form & survey reports for Marketo

123FormBuilder for Marketo: collect leads and grow your business

Marketo users, rejoice!
The Marketo integration enables you to import leads to Marketo in real time, with every new submission. This way, your online forms or surveys become active lead collectors within your marketing campaigns, helping you stay in touch with your most important potentials effortlessly. The integration is available starting with the 123FormBuilder Platinum plan.
Marketo Integration
Simple lead collection
After a quick, one-time installation, visitor information from your web forms or surveys gets sent to Marketo automatically, so that you won’t have to perform any other actions on your side. It will work continuously in helping you feed your lists for further engagement.
Your forms integration with Marketo is protected by an extra security layer against problems that might occur during submission, such as a bad network connection on the submitter’s side, that would prevent the lead to be created in Marketo. It also enables you to create SSL secured web forms and surveys with a variety of anti-spam features.
Secure forms and surveys for Marketo
User-friendly integration with Marketo
The integration works by mapping the fields on your web form or online survey with Marketo predefined and custom fields, so that the right data gets imported where you need it. No time-consuming downloads or installations, just systems that work perfectly together for the benefit of your business.
Seamlessly data importing
Your contact data collected through Marketo forms and surveys will be at your hand for importing to Marketo lists, so that you can further use it into your marketing cycle. It’s all as easy as 1-2-3!
Seamlessly data importing for Marketo

Case study. Rebel Branding is a marketing agency that provides high-end branding services for SMEs. Their marketing services cover the most important business needs, in order to launch and grow.

“The system of 123FormBuilder is simple to use and allows non-technical people to create professional results. Using 123FormBuilder saved us the cost of hiring an web developer.”(Paul Matthews, Director)