Form is buggy


Asked on August 17, 2022 9:52 PM

A couple notes on the mobile format, when going to my website through an iPhone.

1. Form takes forever to load

2. The page loads at the bottom of the questionnaire instead of the top.

3. To scroll up and down is also buggy, it sometimes doesn’t allow you to scroll up and down.

4. When you hit next page, It again loads the page at the bottom of the questionnaire making it hard for a mobile user to fully see what he’s missing to fill out.

5. After submission it is also slow for payment options to load.

My biggest concern, is 2 and 3. Please help…..

Karla K

Answered on August 18, 2022 3:44 PM

123FormBuilder Support
Thank you for reaching out to us.
I’ve noticed that your form is currently published through an iframe, which can indeed make it difficult to scroll through it on mobile, and may cause some of the other issues described.
It seems that your website is created using Wix, in which case, please delete the form from your page and publish it using our Wix app.
Kindly let me know if the issues persist afterward.
Thank you and I look forward to your reply.