Simple Field Validation

Simple Field Validation

Field Validation allows you to accept only the data that meets your required format. Here are the predefined validation types available for the Basic (free) service plan:

Text Box: none
Number: numeric
Email: email
Website: URL (web page)
Date: mm/dd/yyyy
Phone: numeric (3-3-4)

However, you cannot change the validation of a form field on the Basic plan. To do so, you’ll need to upgrade to Gold or a higher plan. We also provide more complex field validations for paid plans, which you can customize according to your needs.


  1. Hector Luis says:

    Hi! Could you help me with this request?
    I want to make a register form for an even, and I have tickets with a code, I want users to access to the form only if they have a correct code, each code is unique and can be used once.
    I propose this solution:
    Make a validation on a text box, I want to introduce an alphanumeric value an check if the data it’s on a google doc, or in a list, or somewhere.
    Or check if the data satisfy some rule like the sum of the ASCII Code of each value is equal to something.
    Or if you have other solution, please let me know.

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