We looked into creating forms from scratch or using our CMS, but it was much too cumbersome to set up and lacked the flexibility and accessibility that we needed.

Joshua Cherwinski
IT Manager @ Save the Bay

400 miles

of protected coastline

Favorite Feature

Payments Integration

400 miles

of protected coastline

Favorite Feature

Payments Integration

Founded in 1970, Save The Bay (STB) is a non-profit working to protect, restore, and explore Narragansett Bay. Save The Bay believes the Bay’s future depends on tomorrow’s leaders understanding how important the Bay is to the local economy, environment, and quality of life.

The organization offers education programs to schools, community groups, and the general public; protects Narragansett Bay by advocating for Bay-friendly legislation, reviewing permits and raising public awareness; and restores the Bay to full health through its extensive habitat restoration program

Save the Bay with forms?

Well, just like any non-profit organization, STB needs to collect online donations, web forms are the easiest way to do that – but how to create them with ease? 

Check out how you can automate
complex forms with 123 Form Builder

The 123 Solution 

Josh and his team looked for a form builder that was inexpensive, easy to set up, and cloud-based – and they found it in 123. The team handles donations using forms that use 123’s PayPal integration.

We tried the free version and decided to purchase it after using it for a couple of days. What I really love is that the team is so friendly, helpful and responsive. With 123, time savings for our organization are immeasurable!

They also create registration forms to manage all volunteer activities, from team registration to honors and awards as well as registration forms for cruise tours, courses and junior bay camps. The team even use forms for team management and development. 123’s  Google Docs integration makes that a lot easier to manage. 

The Payoff

Save The Bay has collected more donations more efficiently and given themselves the gift of time to concentrate on their core mission. 

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123 Form Builder does everything we need and more. It is a flexible system that is perfect for a company like ours.

David Alpert President Continuum Marketing

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123 Form Builder was very helpful, the support team outlined our options and always made sure we have what we need. Everything worked perfectly!

Kath Courts Communications, The ButterFly Foundation

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Reliability is essential in what I do – and you can’t put a price on that. 123 Forms are priceless!

Karin Graddy CEO, Graddy Solutions

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