Forms with NationBuilder Integration

Create free online forms and surveys for your NationBuilder community. Build forms with 123FormBuilder and NationBuilder integration, collect data, donations, and payments using order forms, contact forms, lead generation forms, and more. Use the collected information to grow your community and organization.

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NationBuilder integration key benefits

Your 123FormBuilder account works seamlessly with your NationBuilder account, thanks to our native integration. You can install the app from the NationBuilder App directory and start collecting leads, donations, payments, and data as easily as 1-2-3!

NationBuilder integration with online forms offers many benefits for companies trying to streamline their operations and maximize their impact. Create and distribute online forms and surveys and instantly sync incoming data into your NationBuilder account.

Designate people as prospects, describe roles, add demographics, age ranges, and so on. Custom tags can be assigned to form fields to help with data organizing. This makes tracking engagement, building targeted lists, and sending personalized messages easy. With the press of a button, access all imported data from your account.

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Integrate your forms with 3rd party apps

Collect valuable data from supporters and constituents and automatically add them to your NationBuilder database. By leveraging the power of NationBuilder integrations with online forms and 3rd party app integrations, you improve your business efficiency, increase its reach, and ultimately achieve greater success in your mission.

Work smarter, not harder, with 123FormBuilder’s full integration with a plentitude of apps such as payment processors, email marketing and development tools, CMS, and social media apps. Capture order information, event participant details, and leads you can use later with SalesforceZapierPaypalHubspotWixStripe, or Zendesk.

NationBuilder’s powerful tools for organizing events, managing volunteers, and fundraising can be seamlessly integrated with online forms, making it easy for organizations to mobilize supporters and achieve their goals with a drag-and-drop editor, custom form design, real-time reports with form insightsThank you messages and email notifications, and more.

Image showing 123FormBuilder and NationBuilder integration with 3rd party apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, PayPal, Wix and Zapier.

Enjoy increased safety measures for collected data

NationBuilder CRM lets you capture order informationevent participant details, and leads, create online petitions and targeted surveys, and get real-time voting results. All safe because creating a form with NationBuilder integration should be simple and secure.

The 123FormBuilder integration with NationBuilder is perfect for community managers, helping them achieve better member management, easy lead collection, product sales, and promotion across community networks.

Your collected data is always secure with 123FormBuilder. We are GDPR and HIPAA-compliant, as well as ISO certified. Furthermore, our online form solution incorporates security measures such as Captcha, data encryption, SPF, and DKIM. Using a free form builder with NationBuilder integration for safe lead-generation activities becomes much more feasible when the user and responder know the information obtained is secure.

Ready-to-use Form Templates

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic, and question branching.

Browse 2,000+ form templates

How it works

Build your form in minutes and collect data securely.

From your 123FormBuilder account, choose a template or build a custom online form.

Go to Set Up, Integrations, then choose NationBuilder and enable it for your form.

Finish setting up your online form, publish it, and start collecting data from responders.

Sign up to 123FormBuilder, integrate your forms with NationBUilder, and build your community.