Customize template

Keep a log of questions for your job search with an interview notes form. With this free template, you can create an online form quickly with no need to figure out how to edit code. Despite the simplicity, you’ll find a variety of functions for personalizing the form. For instance, generous font and color options, configurable email/SMS notifications and a drag and drop form field chooser. All the fields you’re likely to need are there, including radio buttons, Likert scales, file uploads, text areas, and dropdowns.

Publish template

Share the interview notes form wherever you see fit. To add it to your website, just copy and paste it into the source. You can also email a link or share to social media in an instant. Because people will likely use it most often on smartphones or tablets, this and every form created in 123FormBuilder has a responsive layout that adjusts to fit small screens.

Collect & manage data

Every submitted interview notes form goes straight into a secure database. Just log in to your 123FormBuilder dashboard to review the notes or export to Excel, CSV, or PDF. Need to organize your follow-up communications? Integrating your form with another service such as Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive. 123FormBuilder can feed your form data directly into these apps and many others as well.

Optimize processes

Take a tablet with your prepared interview notes form to your next interview, and you’re sure to make a strong impression. Alternatively, type your questions and notes into the form, submit, export as PDF, print and take to your appointment. Each submission to the form lands in a database, building a collection of knowledge to apply to future interviews. If you work with a recruiter or career coach, you can configure the form to send a real-time SMS or email notification each time you complete a set of interview notes.

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