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The Best Alternative – 123FormBuilder

Are you looking for a free alternative? Then you’re in the right place. This article will show you just how different 123FormBuilder and are and possibly help you make an informed decision based on your needs. 

Let’s get straight to it and see what features each form builder solution has and how they can help you succeed and grow your business. 


Let’s start with costs, one of the most crucial factors for new consumers to evaluate before making a decision.

We’ll start with 123FormBuilder, which offers a free account that you may retain indefinitely. You’ve already got access to valuable tools like the straightforward drag-and-drop editor and form fields like the digital signature, Likert scale, single-choice and multiple-choice questions, multipage forms, custom thank-you pages, and basic analytics monitoring.

The first paid subscription is Gold ($37/month), which includes conditional logic, upload and formula fields, more forms and monthly submissions (5,000), multiple field groups, and multi-language forms. You may import, export, and modify contributions, interact with other users on the same account, the option to delete the product link anytime, and create custom email notifications for autoresponders, great options for a alternative, if you ask us. 

123FormBuilder Notifications Setup
123FormBuilder Notifications Setup

The Platinum plan ($49 a month) is one of 123FormBuilder’s most popular. It includes the highly requested function of adding payment processors to forms and the product field. This means you can transform any web form into a mini-store or a mechanism for supporters to contribute to your cause. You also receive a custom domain, which is essential for a decent alternative to

The Diamond plan ($99/month) includes all of the features mentioned above, as well as more forms and submissions, data encryption, over 42 native connectors, and access to Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud forms.

If you need unlimited everything, the Enterprise package ($225/month) is your ideal choice when looking for a alternative. This plan also includes HIPAA compliance, which is indispensable for the healthcare sector, and is designed for businesses with high-volume form needs. also has a free plan, with 5 available forms and 100 responses per month. However, it’s important to note that you have limited subdomain options and no custom CSS, which could restrict your branding and customization options. 

Their Basic plan offers access to some integrations (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Slack, Discord), 5,000 submissions and form views per month, just like 123FormBuilder, your alternative. However, with you do not have custom CSS or URL redirection to a thank-you page. thank you page Thank You Page

The Pro plan offers 10,000 monthly submissions, 100,000 form views per month, and up to 500 payment transactions. You can get a custom subdomain and integrate it with the available third-party apps. 

The Premium plan provides unlimited forms, just like our alternative to, and only 100,000 monthly submissions. This plan unlocks access to the custom subdomain, Google Tag Manager, and Meta Pixel integration. 

It’s worth mentioning that NPOs can benefit from a reduction in cost for both form builders. offers a 20% discount for paid plans for nonprofits, while our alternative offers a 50% discount if you’re an NPO.

Form Creation and Customization

Both 123FormBuilder and have designed their editors with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that even those new to form building can navigate the platforms with ease.

123FormBuilder’s editor is a powerhouse of flexibility, offering over 3,000 form templates that can be customized to suit individual needs. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor puts the power in your hands to create the perfect web form.

123FormBuilder Form Templates
123FormBuilder Form Templates

The 123FormBuilder editor is separated into four main sections: Create, Setup, Publish, and Results. You may use these parts to change your online forms in any way you deem appropriate. 

123FormBuilder Form Creation
123FormBuilder Form Creation

Each section features a left-side menu that provides additional versatility and functionality, making it one of the best free alternatives to

Simply choose the field you want, then drag and drop it onto your form. On the right, you may further customize the field. Among the must-have form field features accessible are: 

  • conditional logic, which allows you to reveal or conceal the following questions based on the replies; 
  • a product field, where you may provide lengthy data about the product or service you’re offering; 
  • payment processors;
  • calculation field;
  • file upload field;
  • Likert scale;
  • customizable thank you pages and email notifications;
  • signature requests, and others.  

Both form builders facilitate the use of online payment processors on the form. 123FormBuilder allows users to add multiple payment processors on the same form easily. By creating an order or payment form, users don’t have to send their prospective clients elsewhere to make a payment. They simplify the buying process and diversify their payment options. uses click-and-drag to create forms. The interface looks modern, with a layout similar to that of 123FormBuilder. At the top is the main menu with sections for Build, Settings, Connect, Share, and Results Editor interface Editor

Clicking on each of these menus opens up a submenu positioned on the left side of the form. You can customize your form template there with form fields, media, and structural elements. You can use existing form templates by choosing them from the +2,000 options available or build your own. Templates Templates

Integrations & Automation

The right app integrations can greatly simplify your work and free up time for more important activities. 123FormBuilder stands out as a great alternative because it offers built-in integration with more than 42 third-party applications and thousands more via Zapier. 

You can quickly create databases and handle information, set up email marketing campaigns, and manage projects with Hubspot, MailChimp, Zoho, Google Sheets, and more. Plus, you can integrate the payment processors you prefer, such as Stripe, PayPal,, and more. 

We will highlight 123FormBuilder for Salesforce, a fruitful partnership that helps entrepreneurs automate many processes to better manage data. Choose one of our plans with full access to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales, and Salesforce Experience for specific needs.

Or go for the Enterprise option, which offers a two-way connection with Salesforce (with users able to push and pull data to and from Salesforce automatically), priority assistance, virtual database administration, dynamic prefill, and dedicated account management. also allows users to automate work processes thanks to its native integration with various CRM, CMS, email marketing, and data management apps. Their list includes names like Trello, Slack, Hubspot, and Google Sheets in their list. Integration Options Integration Options

Zapier handles over 500 integrations with other third-party apps, which is a respectable number but nowhere near as many as the +5,000 123FormBuilder provides via Zapier. Although the integration with Salesforce is available, it is done via Zapier, limiting what you can do with your databases. Sharing Options Sharing Options

Form Insights & Analytics

Knowing your online form’s performance provides the insights needed to improve and optimize for better results. 123FormBuilder provides extensive form analytics features, starting with the classic pie charts and statistics that show which people and how many engage with your forms. 

Moreover, 123FormBuilder sets up Form Insights and Analytics, which allows you to obtain data on views, submissions, and the average time it takes to complete a form. The offering expands even more for Diamond plan users. They can view additional data, such as detailed coverage of devices used, locations, and referrers, and form field statistics, such as field views, drop-off rates, and time spent on the field. has a Results menu to check form statistics and responses. The statistics feature provides data on the number of responses, views, submission rate, percentage, device, platform, and location, so you get some information you can use to improve form performance. 

Form Security

This is where things get serious. Of course, it’s important to know that data is always secure for your and your respondents’ peace of mind. 

123FormBuilder is one of the top choices on the market in this regard. It ensures data security at all times (at rest and in transit). You can configure data encryption, IP filtering, several Captcha modes, and password protection for your forms. These methods, available through the form editor, increase the security of survey and form data.

123FormBuilder Security
123FormBuilder Security

Don’t be concerned if your firm is compelled to observe local regulations. 123FormBuilder is an excellent free alternative to for ensuring GDPR and HIPAA compliance in healthcare. The SSO feature is the cherry on top, available as an add-on. provides spam protection with a captcha and GDPR compliance with all plans, including the free one. Data is encrypted and backed up on Google Cloud services. Sadly, it does not provide HIPAA compliance or more specific ways to protect and choose who and when can access forms. 

123FormBuilder – The Best Alternative

After everything is said and done, we understand that you want the data you collect from responders and clients to be as secure as possible. You also want to have the ability to choose and modify form templates. With 123FormBuilder, an excellent alternative to, you get all of this and more. This includes detailed form insights and analytics, a Likert scale form field, a file upload area, a product field, and multiple payment options on the form. Additionally, you can send personalized thank-you messages, receive email alerts, and ensure that your data is encrypted. Try out 123FormBuilder for free to see if it meets your needs!

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