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Simplify NPO Processes with Forms with Salesforce Integration

In today’s fast-paced business environment, nonprofit organizations across various industries constantly seek ways to simplify their processes, save funds and improve efficiency

One powerful tool that has gained significant popularity is Salesforce, a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers a wide range of functionalities. 

Among its many features, Salesforce excels in streamlining program and case management processes, operations, marketing and engagement, human resources management, and fundraising and donations. 

Let’s explore the benefits of using 123FormBuilder online forms with Salesforce in these critical areas.

The Benefits of Using Forms with Salesforce for Program & Case Management

Effective program and case management are essential for organizations to ensure smooth operations and provide high-quality services to their clients. Salesforce offers robust tools designed explicitly for programs and case management. And when you pair it up with the extensive features of 123 forms, you have a winner combo when gathering data in the schools or the workforce sectors, for example. 

By leveraging 123FormBuilder’s customizable forms with Salesforce, nonprofit organizations can collect and organize data related to their programs and cases, track progress, and generate detailed reports. The platform’s automation capabilities enable streamlined workflows, reducing manual effort and improving overall efficiency. 

Program and case managers can easily collaborate, share information, and ensure seamless team communication with Salesforce. For example, NPOs working with school districts can map information to Salesforce for proper case management and reporting.

123FormBuilder for Salesforce helps NPOs with applications for fellowships, volunteer programs, and other charitable events, with surveys assessing the impact of implemented programs and compliant data collection processes for healthcare and social work. 

Read more on the topic and how our Salesforce partners DemandBlue, Echo Technology Solutions, and Agile Cloud Consulting applied 123FormBuilder for Salesforce to program and case management use cases from our Ultimate Guide!

Using Forms with Salesforce for Operations

Efficient operations are the backbone of any successful nonprofit. Salesforce integrates with 123FormBuilder to provide a comprehensive suite of features to streamline and optimize operational processes

With customizable forms for Salesforce, organizations can digitize and automate manual tasks, such as data entry and record keeping, and optimize their financial and operational resources.123FormBuilder for Salesforce’s workflow automation enables organizations to define and enforce standardized processes, reducing errors and improving productivity. 

Additionally, the platform’s analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into operational performance, allowing organizations to identify bottlenecks, make data-driven decisions, and continuously improve their processes.

Here’s an example of how a religious NPO created all the data streams required for their organization using 123FormBuilder for Salesforce and custom processes, including 

Using the platform to its maximum capacity, the NPO has substantially digitized its procedures and operations following an extensive onboarding process.

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The Benefits of Using 123FormBuilder for Salesforce for Marketing & Engagement

Effective marketing and customer engagement are crucial for business success in today’s highly competitive market. Salesforce offers powerful marketing automation tools that enable NPO organizations to design and execute targeted marketing campaigns, track customer interactions, and measure campaign effectiveness, especially when paired with powerful form builders like 123FormBuilder.

Here are some tasks a form builder can assist NPOs with:

  • Satisfaction Evaluation 
  • Project Management 
  • Collecting Event Signups 
  • Forms & Marketing Automation 
  • Pardot Integration 
  • Automatic CRM Data Transfer 
  • Notify Users of New Signups 

By integrating customer data from various sources, such as social media and email marketing platforms, 123 forms with Salesforce provide a unified view of each customer, enabling personalized and contextually relevant communication. It, in turn, leads to improved volunteer satisfaction and increased engagement.

There are hundreds of form templates ready to use by NPOs looking to streamline their processes with Salesforce power. Some exciting examples of forms used for marketing and engagement operations are career matching forms, vetting forms, and registration forms.

For example, ECHO Technology Solutions implemented a development project that included a job application form allowing for quick data grouping and syncing with a specific object in Salesforce, making the job-seeking process much easier for volunteers and recruiters. 

Using Forms in Salesforce for Human Resources Management

Effectively managing human resources is vital for NPO organizations to attract, retain, and develop volunteers. Salesforce’s HR management capabilities simplify and automate various HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement. 

Through customizable 123 forms and workflows, organizations can create streamlined HR processes tailored to their specific needs. Salesforce also facilitates seamless collaboration between HR teams and volunteers, enabling self-service access to important HR information, such as benefits, policies, and training materials

With forms for Salesforce, HR professionals can focus on strategic initiatives and enhance the overall employee and volunteer experience. Nonprofits can learn to recruit volunteers and manage their data with forms or effortlessly collect and manage constituent information. And these are just two use-case examples.

You can read more in our Ultimate Guide to NPO Forms in Salesforce!

The Benefits of Using Online Forms with Salesforce for Fundraising & Donations

Nonprofit organizations rely on fundraising and donations to support their mission and make a positive impact. With forms in Salesforce, they access tools to streamline fundraising efforts, allowing them to manage donor relationships, track donations, and analyze fundraising performance

Customizable forms enable nonprofits to collect donor information, track interactions, and personalize communications. With Salesforce’s reporting and analytics features, organizations can gain insights into donor behavior, identify trends, and optimize their fundraising strategies. 

Interacting with a high volume of constituents through outdated means and long manual data collection and data entry practices quickly leads to volunteer exhaustion and increases the chance of mistakes. So, NPOs are facing a time and resources crisis. 

As seen by 123FormBuilder’s Salesforce partner Laputa Technologies Ltd., the solution could be using forms with Salesforce integration. NPOs can use these automated data collection tools to quickly digitize all their forms, sending all the information directly to Salesforce. The users have an improved experience, encouraging them to donate more, and the automated data processing time leaves volunteers and employees more data to do meaningful work. 

In conclusion, forms with Salesforce provide a comprehensive solution for NPO organizations looking to simplify their processes and improve efficiency across multiple areas. Whether it’s program and case management, operations, marketing and engagement, human resources management, or fundraising and donations, 123FormBuilder for Salesforce offers a wide range of features and customization options to meet the specific needs of each organization. 

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