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Types of Forms Used in Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are often strapped for time and resources. They need to find a way to get the most out of their limited resources while giving back to the community. One way they can do this is by using free nonprofit forms that are available online.

You can use form templates for everything from fundraising to event planning. Nonprofits can start with these templates and then personalize them to meet the requirements of their organization and the individuals they serve.

Forms are an essential part of any nonprofit organization. They collect and store information about donors, volunteers, and other people that work with the organization. Plus, they save time and stress. You can easily collect, transfer and administrate this data into a database like Salesforce. It cuts out additional data entry tasks and offers an overview of the collected information.

There are many different kinds of forms that a nonprofit organization can work with. Our internal research shows that 29 is the average number any nonprofit employs. Some of the most common forms are donation forms, surveys, contact forms, volunteer recruitment forms, member registration forms, and pledge forms.

Let’s learn a bit more about each type.

Donation Forms

Nonprofit donation forms make it much easier to accept online donations. These convenient online tools allow prospective donors to fill in payment and contact info through a secure payment processor that ensures information safety.

Learn more about your donors through online forms and integrated tools that allow you to manage and analyze your data. If you haven’t already, invest in an online constituent relationship management system to centralize your data and use it for outreach and strategic planning. Internal research shows that 93% of NPOs use online forms exclusively to engage with donors, volunteers, or program participants.

123FormBuilder for Salesforce can be a great solution meant to streamline your donation data collection and processing. It also puts template forms and editable forms at your disposal. Here’s an example:

Donation Form

Quickly receive online donations from your constituents with this online form template.


Surveys assess the impact of specific programs. NPOs can also use them to gain insight or collect data later sent to Salesforce or other apps. That data is later used in statistics that give NPOs an idea of where to take their mission next.

When working in NPOs that deal with sensitive data, mainly protected health information, it’s critical to use HIPAA-compliant solutions. 123FormBuilder for Salesforce is an ideal solution in this case because it covers day-to-day needs while maintaining data security. Here’s an idea for inspiration:

Community Engagement Survey

Collect feedback from your community with just a few clicks to see what their needs are.

Contact Forms

Contact forms can accomplish different tasks, but their main goal is to collect basic data. A nonprofit can use them to collect data they can later use to contact respondents when they need more information or support.

They can be helpful when conducting volunteer interviews, signing up for donations, making fundraiser requests, or animal surrenders, for example. 123FormBuilder for Salesforce already offers easy-to-use templates for forms for nonprofit organizations. Check this one out:

Volunteer Consent Form

Use this template to collect expressed consent from your volunteers for projects, events, and initiatives.

Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers are a valuable resource in the nonprofit sector. NPOs devote a significant amount of work to recruiting volunteers and motivating them to join their cause.

A great online form encourages people to sign up and give you a hand in day-to-day operations or as needed. At the same time, through data collection, the NPO can ensure they meet the requirements for the job.

You can recruit volunteers for specific jobs or recurrent events determined by your nonprofit activity. Use an existing template from 123FormBuilder for Salesforce, or create your own with the built-in editor. Here’s an example:

Volunteer Recruitment Form

Recruit people to your cause and community service projects with this easy-to-fill-out form.

Member Registrations

NPOs use membership registration forms similarly to volunteer recruitment or contact forms. They collect information from prospective members – contact details, personal info, and organization details. Sometimes, they may include payment information – especially when a nonprofit organization collects membership fees.

Any nonprofit organization will need a membership registration form encouraging people to become members before becoming active with the group. 123FormBuilder for Salesforce comes to the rescue once more with its online form templates and easy-to-use editor. Here’s an idea:

Membership Application Form

Build an extensive database of possible members for your organization with this simple form.


Pledges are essential forms for NPOs because they record commitments, simplifying the donation process. This simple type of online form saves time and ensures the company has a legally binding document signed by the donor, agreeing to when, how, and how much money they will give.

Pledge forms also gather vital information that may be used to foster relationships with contributors. It’s easier to automatically add all that data into your database using an online solution like 123FormBuilder for Salesforce.

It can save you a lot of time and trouble because you won’t need a dedicated person (volunteer or employee) to do it manually. And you’ll have support, which 45% of organizations deem essential when choosing a form builder to partner with, as per our internal research. Here’s a form example:

Charitable Pledge Agreement Form

Have formal agreements drawn out for donations or simply make one-time donations to NPOs with this template.


The use of online form builders might be advantageous for any company with limited time and resources. These versatile tools may speed up internal procedures by lowering human labor requirements, enhancing user convenience, and encouraging technology adoption.

123ForBuilder for Salesforce is an excellent data collection solution that offers the know-how needed to streamline the entire process. Discover how 15 other NPOs have improved their operations with forms.

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