Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in a volunteer application form?

In your volunteer registration form, you should add all basic info you need to collect in order to know more about those that show interest in volunteering for your cause. Such data covers contact information or personal data, previous volunteer experience and, if needed, an emergency contact is indicated.

How do I create a form for volunteers?

Just copy this template in your 123FormBuilder account and customize it easily with the drag-and-drop functionality. Embed this form into your website or email it and collect the data you need from the volunteers.

Customize template

Provide volunteers an online form to send you their interest. This volunteer registration form template is succinct, yet flexible. Feel free to drag and drop more fields, play around with the layout and design elements, add more Likert scale statements, or even a nice photo of previous volunteering projects you’ve organized. Then set up an automatic response or a Thank You page to show respondents upon form completion.

Publish template

Don’t worry, our volunteer registration form will work on small and large screens alike! This ensures young people will be more likely to send their requests. When you’ve configured everything you need in your volunteer application form and want to reach the right audience, you just need to copy and paste the form code on your website. Or, why not, on other online volunteering platforms or social media groups. If you maintain an email list, make sure you include the form URL in your message.

Collect & manage data

All the volunteer registrations are kept in a secure database, where you can organize them and get in touch with the selected candidates. This database easily exports to Excel, CSV or PDF. Besides, you can connect your form data with third-party applications from our list for an even better volunteer registration process.

Optimize processes

Configuring real-time notifications throughout your NPO is easy and takes just a few clicks. When you get notified each time a new volunteering interest presents itself, it’s no wonder your volunteering projects will rock! 123FormBuilder is here to help you spread the word about your ideas and help others join in your efforts.

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