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How is my form data secured and processed?

123FormBuilder, the web form & survey online builder, is actively taking all the measures needed to keep your form data secured. It’s hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and stores all information in data centers across the United States on a 256-bit SSL connection. All servers are scanned on a daily basis by AWS and McAfee Security, preventing any type of security threats. You may read more about how we handle service security on our security page.

As for your personal data within your 123FormBuilder account, all necessary precautions and measures are made to be compliant with the needed data security laws within the US and international, in healthcare (HIPAA) and in general (Data Protection Act).

However, as stated in our security page, data protection is a responsibility shared between 123FormBuilder and you as the owner. This means that certain measures are yours to make, such as keeping your account’s password secret and not sharing it.

123FormBuilder has additional security features that you may use to secure your account, forms, submissions and uploads as follows:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication Device. Log into your 123FormBuilder account in a two step process with the help of your smartphone. First step involves typing in your account username and password. The next step involves entering a secret code that your phone generates. The code is reset automatically every minute. You’ll need an authentication device installed on your phone.
  • Data Encryption. When enabled, the submission table is unavailable, together with other related features. You may use this feature to encrypt all data obtained from your form users.
  • Form Password Protection. You may password protect your forms so that people cannot open them unless they have the correct password. Good for groups that work on a certain project.
  • Anti Spam Protection. A verification box that generates different characters is added below your form before the submit button. Unless the correct characters are typed inside, the form cannot be submitted. No spam can get through.
  • IP Submission Limit. Limits the number of times a form can be submitted from the same IP. You can reset the limit by hour/day/month/year or never. This way, you may prevent the same spam messages from arriving in your submissions grid.
  • Uploads Visibility. You may hide your uploads when not logged in your account or password protect them. This means that the files cannot be viewed or obtained via their URLs. Comes with three options: to always show, show only after password or show only when logged in the same browser.

We are also compliant with the UETA and ESIGN Acts when it comes to use the Digital Signature field on your forms.

Paying users benefit from a full recovery of their forms and submissions in case they were deleted in their accounts while the paid subscription was active. This means that if you delete your forms or submissions by accident, we can recover them for you, but only within a 30 day period from the day the deletion occurred. Older deleted data is erased from our servers for better optimization.

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