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123FormBuilder provides a dedicated app for Wix users, making it easier for them to manage their online forms directly through their Wix website. We also have a special subscription, the Wix Starter plan, which comes with certain restrictions.

If you have a 123FormBuilder free account on your Wix website and you choose to upgrade the website to a premium plan, the 123FormBuilder account will be upgraded to the Wix Starter plan.

You can also purchase the Wix Starter plan directly from our app.

The main restriction of the Wix Starter plan is that it can be used only on Wix, and on a single Wix website. If you log into your 123FormBuilder account on our platform or another Wix website, your account will be downgraded to the Basic free plan. However, your Wix Starter subscription will remain active. The subscription can be canceled/downgraded as explained in this article.

Therefore, always make sure which 123FormBuilder account you are using on the Wix website that you are working on. If your account is downgraded, you can reinstate your subscription by returning to the Wix website for which you have purchased it.

To use the same 123FormBuilder account on multiple Wix websites you will need one of our native paid plans. Check out our features list for more details.


  1. Recently added the 123form builder app for my wix site with hope to also collect payments. I was told 2 different things that on the one side since i have a premium account already i don’t’ have to pay for the upgrade and on the other hand i need to upgrade to the platinum account. I went ahead to tried to upgrade to the platinum account WITH a receipt from wix and even the money taken out of my account on the same day within the same hour and the app HAS NOT updated or allowed me to add the payment processing. I am extremely disappointed especially now that i have to dispute this charge for not working. This is ridiculous. Never again and will not be referring anyone to this app or site.

    1. Hello, I am sorry to hear that you had this incident with our app. Please contact us via email at customercare@123formbuilder.com to further check your account’s subscription and rectify this unpleasant situation. W will solve this asap. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. I have resolved the problem with the form not showing up on the page. But I am still on the free limited version despite upgrading the six plan to premium.

  3. I have messaged your company twice in 1 week and no response. I still see the upgrade button on my account even tho I have wix business premium. My website has not yet launched.

    1. Hello Amira! I checked and you already have a thread opened with one of my colleagues. If your Wix premium starter plan is not activated yet please send us the invoice received from WIX as a PDF to customercare@123formbuilder.com. We will need the invoice from Wix to be able to activate our Wix starter plan. Also, you can always start a live chat conversation with our customer care representatives for a quicker response. Thank you

    1. Hello! The upgrade button will always be displayed on the main menu of our app for all users. I checked your account and everything is in order.

  4. Hi, if I only buy a MONTHLY premium plan for WIX, will 123FormBuilder upgrade too? Or it just for Yearly plan ?

    1. Hello Amigo,
      If you plan on upgrading for just one month, the starter plan will automatically include the 123 App with the upgraded features as well. If you have more questions, please reach us at support@123formbuilder.com .

  5. Hi,

    I have tried to follow your steps but my Wix site is not linking to my 123 account. When I hit connect, I log in to my 123 account but nothing changes on the wix app – it just keeps asking me to connect. I really want to upload my custom RSVP form that I made – thanks to your program it’s beautiful and brilliant and I can’t wait to use it.

    1. Hello Sarah!

      I apologize for the late reply. Have you tried clearing the cache of your browser to solve the issue? If the problem still persists, please send us some screenshots or a video on how the app behaves in your Wix editor so we can investigate the issue and solve it as soon as possible. Our Support Team will receive your email at support@123formbuilder.com or you can contact us via our contact form.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. For more FAQs, please browse through the  FAQs page.

Is this service free?
Yes, we offer a free form builder service. Just sign up to the Basic plan and you are all set. This plan is forever free, but you are limited with a few features only, such as 5 forms per account, 100 submissions per month and you have to keep the backlink to 123FormBuilder on your forms. Check out our features matrix for more information.
How many forms can I create?
It depends on the service plan you are on. Higher service plans enable more features, including more web forms for your account. If you need more forms, go to the My Account section of your account and click the upgrade button. To create an unlimited number of forms, either upgrade to the Platinum service plan or higher. Consult our features matrix for more information.
How can I publish my forms?
You can publish your forms in many ways, by using their direct URL or HTML link, embedding them with a JavaScript code, Inline HTML or iFrame, using the Facebook app or the WordPress plugin, using popups, the Blogger code snippet and many more. Once you have created and customized your form, go to the Publish section to complete your work. Read more in our documentation.
How do I change my form design?
You can change the design of your form for more information. in the Themes section, which is located in your form settings. We offer a set of more than 30 predefined form themes for your forms, but you can also create your own from scratch. You can customize the submit button, the logo and more. To apply your own stylesheets, all forms come with a custom CSS editor.

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