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My form is set to accept submissions from my country but I can’t access it. Why?

can't access form

Some situations might occur when your form is set to accept submissions (only) from your country. Sometimes, you might not be able to access the form yourself. You could be using a public network from the organisation or company you are working at, which uses a proxy server to bypass websites which might block your private IP from viewing their content.

Note that only some proxy servers are able to do this and not the ones hosted by your Internet Provider. This is the case for companies that work online to promote and expand their work on a global scale and require special proxy services to bypass certain country filters.

Another factor could be that you’re using an IP blocker installed on your Internet browser that hides your geographical location and your online form cannot recognize it, therefore blocking any access. If you have restricted your form to accept submissions only from a certain country by its IP, but you cannot access it at all, it’s because your IP address is not visible.

A first step would be to check if you’re using an IP blocker and disable it. There could be other factors, also. You could be using a reserved IP (the Loopback) – the one with the 255.xxx.xxx.xxx, which is not actually considered a usable IP to identify your location. IP addresses are unique identities of the device your are using to browse the Internet.

If you’re trying to access the form at work, speak to the network administrator to solve your issue.

Some Internet browsers could be hiding your IP address, browsers such as TOR. If you’re browsing from a home network, look up for any installed add-ons which might have blocked or hidden your IP from being detected by other admins from the web.

In conclusion, your IP address contains the code of your country. If you hide it or block it, the form won’t be able to detect from which country you are accessing it, and it will therefore display the message:

Sorry, but the form owner disabled submissions from your country.
Please use an alternative way of getting in contact.

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