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Building Forms & Tomorrow’s Scientists

After-school based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, creates attractive & efficient online forms to connect their workflows & grow their business

Teresa and her co-founder wanted to create an after-school program to help children and adults alike reconcile the gap between art and science and create a more balanced type of education. And so, The Art of Science was born: a place where kids can learn interactively, put their creativity to work, and grow harmoniously. 

Before moving their website to Wix, The Art of Science collected all their lead information on paper, using paper flyers to attract their audience.

Since they switched to Wix and implemented 123FormBuilder, however, Teresa and the team at The Art of Science managed to:

  • Significantly increase the number of parents interested in their courses
  • Move away from paper forms and paper flyers
  • Streamlined all processes so that all the parents are in the loop

Download the case study today and learn more about how The Art of Science used 123 forms and Wix to create a seamless experience for their students and their staff alike! 

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