Add 123FormBuilder Forms to Any Typepad Blog

Engage your Typepad blog readers with polls, quizzes and surveys – all easy to build!

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Moonfruit purchase order form application example

There’s no better way to interact with your readers and find out more

about their opinion. And it’s all just a breeze!

Here’s how simple it is to publish your 123FormBuilder form:

  • In your Typepad account:
    • Go to the Posts tab and select a Post or a Page to Edit/Create a new one
    • Once you have your content ready and know where to display the form, enable the HTML view from the top right side of the content editor. Identify the place where you want to display the form and just paste there the 123FormBuilder embed code
    • You can enable Rich text view now. The form is not visible in this state. Please Preview the post/page to see the form.
  • In your 123FormBuilder account – to copy the code, go to the Publish section of your form,
    select Embed code tab and depending on how you want to display the form, choose from the dropdown:
    • The Javascript embed option and click Copy code
    • Lightbox triggered by a text, image or floating button → select the Option: Lightbox – Text link, Lightbox – Image link or Lightbox – floating button, click Customize to change the text or image and then click Copy code
    • Auto-popup after x number of seconds → select the Option Lightbox auto popup, click Customize to set the number of seconds and then copy code.


Forms can be published on Posts, Pages and in the footer.

You can also add the form code to another section of your blog, by following the steps:
Design tab → Content → under Category box select Widgets → under Modules select
Embed your own HTML → and under Details click Add this module button.
Paste the 123FormBuilder embed code in there and click OK

About 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder is an intuitive form building platform that helps users create efficient workflows, collect data and achieve success. 123FormBuilder exists to empower customers to collect, manage and use efficient their data for smart decisions.

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