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PDF to Web Form Convertor

Convert your paper documents into web forms with 123FormBuilder. Supported formats: JPEG and PDF.

Reach for your phone, take a picture of a paper form, import it on our platform, say "abracadabra" and here's your web form!

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From scanned documents to fillable web forms

The way we create forms has improved a lot over time. Aside from switching from paper forms to digital ones, we now provide an even easier option to create a form - and it’s based on a machine learning tool. So instead of building a form from square one (or field one), why not start with an already populated form canvas?

We understand your unique needs and come to lend a hand in your company’s day to day life. A lot of our customers are facing the challenge of translating paper forms - and even handwriting - to web forms. This document digitization tool will allow you to go paperless in the office in no time.

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Use case scenarios

Digitize a paper form

Let’s say you want to show a team member how you want a form to look and you draw a sketch on a piece of paper. Instead of creating it from scratch, he will be able to photograph it with his smartphone and then import the photo file within our form building platform. Due to its form recognition features, our image digitizer will show editing options so that your web form takes the desired structure.

Convert a PDF into a fillable form

You receive by email one or more PDF forms, but you need them transformed into fully functional online forms. Find the Scanned Form option in the 123FormBuilder dashboard, then import the PDF form. Associate each identified field with the specific type of field you need, then hit the Create Form button to take your newly born form through design and brushing-up.

The advantages of fillable online forms

  • Reduce overall costs
  • Streamline data capture and management processes
  • Forget about buying paper
  • Sync the collected data with various web platforms and databases
  • Automate processes that come with orders or applications
  • Secure information & share it with interested parties only
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How to convert your paper form or PDF to a fillable web form with email option

  • Scan or take a photo of a paper form. It can even be something you drew if it looks like form fields and labels. Make sure the image has a high resolution (300 DPI). Naturally, this also works with PDF forms
  • Create your 123FormBuilder forever free Basic account
  • From the 123FormBuilder platform click on New Form and grab the Scanned Form option
  • Import the PDF or image file and adjust the form in the Preview screen
  • Click on Create new form - you will be routed to our editor, where you can drag and drop multiple fields and make additional changes to your digitized form - change the theme, add an e-signature widget, upload images and so on
  • Add your email address to the form and start receiving responses in your inbox; and you can create custom autoresponders that keep people engaged
  • Distribute the form to collect data
  • And of course, analyze results by visiting the Reports section on our editor dashboard.

Read our documentation for more details on how to convert a PDF to a fillable online form and how to digitize an image with the Scan to Form feature.

123FormBuilder is the best way to turn any PDFs or scanned forms into online responsive fillable forms that speed up your data collection and management processes. This free tool makes the process of conversion from paper to electronic as user-friendly as possible.