Real Estate Forms that Make You Feel at Home

For Real! (Estate). The easiest form builder, 100% code free.


“Who’s there?”
The real estate form builder you’ve been looking for! Ok, the joke is old, but the promise is real. 123FormBuilder offers forms for realtors in minutes, because we want to make your life easier, so you can go out and do your job instead of fighting poorly made apps and intricate data collection processes.

Build Real Estate Forms that Simplify Your Job

Our real estate form builder’s main goal? Making realtors’ lives easier, one form at a time.
It takes just a few short minutes to build an online form in 123FormBuilder, and all in three super-simple steps:


Choose a template from our database or create your form from scratch


Customize it with your own fields, conditional logic, design, and email or SMS notification alerts.


Publish it on your site, social media, or anywhere else you need it.

Done! No coding, no headaches, no fuss.

Online real estate form templates

We have more than 1900 form templates ready and waiting, covering everything from contact forms to event registration forms.

You can grab any of them, personalize, and use as you need. All the data you collect with your forms will be automatically sent to your 123FormBuilder account or any of the tools you’ve connected.

What kind of form templates for real estate agents do we have? Well, for example, you might find the following quite useful:

Start collecting data in less than two minutes with real estate eForms created especially for your needs!

Real estate auction registration, simpler than ever

Planning a real estate auction?
Keep things organized by creating a real estate event registration form that’ll make it easy for your auctioneers to sign up (and easier for you to collect their information and stay in touch with updates).

You don’t even have to do much, really. Grab a registration form template from by 123FormBuilder, customize it a little, and bam! Let those guests sign up for the awesome property auctions you’re organizing.

Easy-peasy-sell-that-house-squeezy. 🍋🏡

Drag and drop your fields

Want to create your own real estate form from scratch, or maybe just tweak one of our templates a little?
No, don’t Google “coding classes”, you won’t need those.

We’ve made it ultra-easy for you to adjust your forms to your needs. You just drag and drop the type of field you need right into your form. That’s it. Click, drag, drop, dance.

We have every type of field you might need:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Dropdown
  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • File upload

Literally any kind of form field you’ve ever dreamed of, we have it. OK, maybe you don’t dream of form fields. Maybe we’re form nerds and we want our customers to have everything they need from a form builder. 😉

Conditional logic for better property management

Logic dictates that online forms in the 21st century are fully interactive. And that’s why we brought conditional logic into the game.

This neat trick allows you to add conditional logic rules to your forms. So if you want a field to only be displayed to those who have performed a specific action (e.g. selected certain options from a dropdown list for example), you can do that.

And no, it’s not rocket science. It takes seconds to set up a rule that’ll make the user experience a lot smoother. Totally worth it!

Survey the real estate market like a pro

Want to learn more about the real estate market, outside of official statistics?

Maybe something very specific like whether or not people still want bathtubs in the houses they rent. Or whether your services have been helpful or not (and why).

Real estate people are awesome for a long list of reasons, but reading minds is not one of them (that’s reserved for witches and telepathic civilizations outside of our Galaxy, unfortunately).

And while you can’t just guess what people are thinking (because it’s the 21st century and we’re all data-driven, of course), you can definitely create some pretty nice surveys, quizzes, and polls. Using 123FormBuilder, of course, because it’s the easiest real estate form builder since counting to 1,2,3.

Free printable real estate forms

Want to print out your forms as PDFs? Or maybe pull old paper PDFs into a tool and magically digitize them?
Say no more.

123FormBuilder allows you to create free printable real estate forms (like, for example, real estate agreement forms or real estate listing forms). Just:

  1. Create your forms and let respondents fill them out
  2. Set up an email notification from the 123FormBuilder dashboard, making sure to select both “My Email” and “Email” in the “Send to” section
  3. Before you save your email notification system, click on “Add attachment” and then “Submission PDF”.

Done! Doing this will allow both you and your respondents to receive a PDF version of your form, automatically.

And if you want to whip your wand and digitalize old paper forms, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to your 123FormBuilder dashboard and select “New Form”
  2. Click on “Scanned form” and upload your scanned form (as the name very subtly suggests it)
  3. Adjust your form fields and publish it as an online form worthy of the 21st century!

Easily customize and beautify your real estate forms

Your forms are part of how you interact with your clients. No matter who you are (or who they are), you want to make sure you make a good impression.

123FormBuilder enables you to easily beautify and brand your forms to make them look like, well, they’re yours, not everyone else’s.

Select your brand colors, use your own photos, add pictures of your house listings directly in the form, use nice fonts to make it all neat and pretty, set up your form to display one question per page — do whatever you want.

It’s your form, it’s now or never, forms are gonna live forever!

Create comprehensive real estate reports

Ugh, creating reports must be one of the most dreaded activities ever, right?

No, wrong. We’re form geeks, ergo we’re data geeks, and we actually have fun with all this stuff, and you can too! We know you have better things to do than adjust table sizes and accumulate frustrations as you try to pie chart the real estate market in three different neighborhoods.

That’s why we have put in place a Reports section that allows you to create reports based on your form submissions, in, you guessed it, minutes. Just click “Reports”, choose the type of report you want, and you’re done.

Like, “done” in a good way. The way that allows you to finally leave your laptop and go out and sell properties.

Connect All Your Forms with Your Tools

What if we told you that you can collect data and automatically send it to your favorite tools? 🤯

And that’s exactly what we offer. We’re fully integrated with more than 80 popular tools, which means you can finally bid farewell to endless copy-pasting and human errors. Just let your 123FormBuilder data flow into:

Or any of the 80+ tools we’re integrated with.
Data flow. In seconds. Welcome to the future, guys! 🚀

Collect Information and Signatures

Here’s something that will make you even more excited: our forms can be legally binding.

Say whaaaat?
Yep, you can just add a Signature field to your form and collect buyer information and signatures from your respondents. Imagine the possibilities!

No more face-to-face meetings for just a couple of simple form signatures on real estate contracts. No more hassle. Time well spent on all ends: the realtor, the landlord, the tenants, the buyers, the sellers.
Everyone’s happy. WOW. The future is amazing indeed!

Oh, and by the way, if you’re wondering…

Our Forms Are Super-Ultra-Mega Secure

We’re GDPR compliant to the bone. We have ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications to attest to our ultra-high security standards. We train our employees to uphold these standards.

And, just in case you’re curious, we’re even HIPAA compliant, which means healthcare institutions in the United States trust us with their patients’ data. Legally.