Frequently Asked Questions

What is a real estate buyer questionnaire?

A real estate buyer questionnaire is essentially a set of questions that a real estate agent asks a prospective buyer to match them with a suitable property that checks their criteria.

What questions should I ask a prospective real estate buyer?

You can go into as much detail as you want when you’re collecting data about a real estate buyer. It will simplify your search and potentially speed up closing a deal. Ask your prospects questions ranging from their type of home, preferred district, financial possibilities to the number of baths or if they have pets.

Customize template

Find out more about your potential customers with this real estate buyer questionnaire model. It’s a good starting point for your own customized survey. Modify the questions, add more fields with a simple drag and drop, and upload the logo of your organization. Lastly, configure autoresponders and multiple email recipients to keep everyone in the loop.

Publish template

After adapting the real estate buyer questionnaire to your specifics, share it with customers and the team with a simple copy and paste. For example, to embed the form in a web page, copy the snippet generated in our platform. Or send the form URL via email or a messaging app. Naturally, it also works for social media posts. Besides, your questionnaire will look nice on every device, which will ensure an increased response rate from your staff.

Collect & manage data

Each questionnaire answer is sent directly into a secure database attached to the online form. From here you can either manage them online or download as Excel, CSV or PDF. to get a bigger picture of real estate buyers’ answers, integrate your data with third-party apps due to our multiple partnerships.

Optimize processes

With our form builder, you’ll get instant notifications via email or SMS each time someone answers your questionnaire. Plus, with digital forms, there’s no room for errors or questionnaire misplacement. Not the mention Mother Nature will be grateful that you’ve ditched that paper trail!

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