Frequently Asked Questions

What is an emergency contact form?

The emergency contact form is a form document that employees fill in with contact details about their sibling, a family member, or any other person that the employer must contact if the employee suffers an accident or is subject to a traumatic event. This type of form should contain the name and phone number of the person who should be contacted, but can also include the relationship that the person has with the employee, an email address, and other relevant details. 

How do I make an emergency contact form?

The best way to create an emergency contact form is to do it online so that the employees may send you all the emergency contact details quickly and easily. Just duplicate our emergency contact form template in your 123 Form Builder account, customize it with the information you require from your employees and share it with them instantly. Don’t have an account? No problem! You can create one for free.

How do I get emergency contact information from our employees?

You can add the emergency contact form to your employee’s onboarding paperwork, to a welcome email, or to a folder on your internal network where all important documents are stored. Whatever option you use, remember to share the emergency contact form on day 1 as part of your onboarding process. 

What information does an emergency contact need?

All contacts should include the name, an email address, a cell number, the relationship with the employee, and a home address. The more information you can collect about the emergency contact, the better, as long as it’s useful. 

How do I edit this Emergency Contact Form template?

You can edit this emergency contact form template with 123 Form Builder. Just import it in our form editor and customize it as you see fit. You can adjust the fields, personalize the design, add multiple email recipients, add form integrations, and more. 

How can I share the Emergency Contact Form with our employees?

You can share your emergency contact form in various ways – just go to the Publish/Share section of your form in 123 Form Builder and choose the publishing option that suits you best. You can embed the form on your company’s internal network page, send it by email, or integrate it with your favorite CRM. No coding needed, just copy & paste. 

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