This is more than a simple Client Intake Form Template

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a client intake form?

A client intake form is a document businesses use to onboard clients into their services. They include questions that help clarify the client’s needs. Also, it helps determine which clients are a better fit for business depending on the complexity of the questionnaire.

How do I create a client intake form?

This versatile form template is sure to ease the onboarding process for new clients. There’s no need to grapple with code: just drag and drop the questions you need for your counseling assessment intake form. You can even transform the look with the colors and fonts of your choice.

How can I share my client intake form?

Effortlessly post online intake forms to your website with a mere copy and paste. Would you like to blend the new client form into your web page or have it pop up as a lightbox? It’s your choice! Mobile responsive, the forms look and work great on any device your clients use.

How can I manage my client intakes?

No anxiety here! Your clients’ intake form submissions are encrypted in transit and then stored in a secure database, ready for export to CSV, PDF, and Excel. You can also connect this new client form with a wide assortment of third-party apps. For example, send name and contact information into FreshBooks to make it easy to generate bills and receipts in seconds. How do you currently perform client intake? Do you take down information over the phone? Use a handwritten client form. Once you go digital, you’ll find you can skip right over the time-consuming, error-prone data entry and gain the time to become an even better counselor for your new clients.

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