Frequently Asked Questions

What is a return authorization form?

A return authorization is part of a process involving the return of merchandise during its warranty period for repair, replacement, or refund. It’s also known as return merchandise authorization (RMA) and return goods authorization (RGA). The return authorization form helps collect the product’s ID, the purchase date, the problems that the customer has been facing with it, and other info that simplifies the process for the seller or manufacturer.

How can I improve the RMA process in my business?

Start by creating an RMA strategy that includes the person in charge of receiving requests and finding the appropriate tools. More and more people prefer filing requests and communicating with businesses online. By building an online return authorization form, customers will be able to fill it in from the comfort of their homes. You can then organize their requests in spreadsheets or other formats. 123 Form Builder provides Excel, CSV, and PDF exports for all of your form submissions. Want to get started? Pick this form template now.