Need to be able to edit form.


Asked on May 17, 2023 5:26 PM

On our forms “Loan Applicaiton 2021 NOI” and “Repair Budget 2021” we need to be able to allow people to go back and edit the form and resubmit. We need to be able to send a link to them to request edits and they can just edit the details we need and then resubmit. Right now, people have to redo the entire form again and it’s a big hassle and waste of time. Please help.

Simina D

Answered on May 17, 2023 6:28 PM

123FormBuilder Support
Thank you for reaching out to us.
We offer the Edit submission functionality and you can enable it from Set-up → More → Advanced → Submissions, as seen below:

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance, we are always ready to help.
Have a wonderful day!