How to process one off and recuring payments in the same form


Asked on December 12, 2022 7:44 AM


I can’t work out how to set up a rule so that if user ticks “Pay Full amount” in the form, PayPal will set up a one off payment, or if “Pay in monthly installments” is ticked, PayPal will set up a recurring payment.

I’m setting up a registration form for a 12 month program in 123FormBuilder. We are collecting contact details and we have enabled PayPal to process payments.

We are offering participants the option to do a one off payment so they can pay for the full year, or they can choose to pay monthly and have a recurring payment set up.

I have found the option in the PayPal element to make the payment a one off payment or a recurring monthly payment. But cant swap between the two depending on what the user chooses.

Thanks for your help


Karla Kulik

Answered on December 12, 2022 1:02 PM

Hello Jethro,
Thank you for reaching out to us.
I am sorry to inform you that it is not possible to have two payment methods on the same form.
A form can either receive recurring payments or one-time payments, it is not possible to have them both.
Therefore, you will need to create 2 forms if you would like to allow your customers to benefit from these 2 payment methods.
Thank you for understanding and we’re here if you have additional questions or need assistance setting up your forms.