Scrolling and Validation and Discount Fees

Jeannine Beck

Asked on August 29, 2022 6:01 PM

Question 1) The menu on the left often will not scroll down so that I can view all options. The scrolling feature on the right is fine.

Question 2) Are there videos or demos on how to set-up if/then scenarios.. if they select an option from mulitple choice, it might skip other questions?

Question 3- Is this set-up to allow discounts on fees based on dates. Another words, if we are offering an early registration date discount?

Sabina G

Answered on August 29, 2022 6:36 PM

123FormBuilder Support
Thank you for you email.
Can you please clarify what menu on the left are you referring to? Is it the one in the editor? Can you perhaps provide a video recording of how this is not working on your side, so we can better understand what you mean?
Regarding your conditional logic (rules) question, you can find here all our guidance material on setting up conditional logic. If you require more specific assistance on a particular form or scenario, just share with us all the details (form name, desired setup, etc.) and we’ll be happy to help.
Regarding your last question, can you share more details about your desired form setup, so we can recommend the exact manner in which to do this? 
Looking forward to your responses.

Jeannine Beck

Answered on August 29, 2022 8:56 PM

For the scrolling questions, see screenshot below. You’ll note that in some menu items, I cannot scroll down to see whole menu because the scroll function is not there. See where the media & Structure menu cuts off and there is no “scroller function”. The “scroller function” I am referring to DOES appear to the right of the form in this image.. the gray bar. It does NOT appear on the menu to the left.


For the last question, I’m not sure how to be more specific… I want to make different pricing based on when someone registers. We provide an early registration discount for people who register early to events. I don’t see an option where pricing can be automatically triggered on a certain date.


Sabina G

Answered on August 30, 2022 2:06 PM

123FormBuilder Support
Thank you for clarifying. 
Regarding the scroller issue, this is present on the left menu, when you hover with the mouse over the menu. Unlike the left scroller, the right page scroller is visible indeed at all times.
Automatically triggering pricing based on a certain date is not a direct feature/option we have on our platform, however this can be done in a few different ways. I took the liberty of making two example tutorials, which you can have a look over to determine which might suit your needs best:

Please have a look and let me know if you have something else in mind, or if you have any other questions or need of assistance.
Looking forward to your response.