Add 123FormBuilder Forms to Any WebSelf Site

Enhance your WebSelf site with advanced, but easy-to-build forms!

Get started

webself form

Follow the steps below to publish your 123FormBuilder form on a WebSelf website.

  • In your WebSelf site Editor, go to the page where you want to embed a form and, from the left side panel, click Add and choose the <> Script element, under Tools category. Drag and drop it where you want the form. Once you drop it, a pop-up will open and there, in the Code content box you need to paste the 123FormBuilder embed code.
  • In your 123FormBuilder account – to copy the code, go to the Publish section of your form, select Embed code tab, make sure that in the Select your embed option dropdown the Javascript (recommended) method is chose. Then just click the Copy code button.

About 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder is an intuitive form building platform that helps users create efficient workflows, collect data and achieve success. 123FormBuilder exists to empower customers to collect, manage and communicate their data and is all about creating efficiency, enabling growth and achieving results by being customer-centric, adaptable, efficient and fun.

About WebSelf

WebSelf is a website building platform that provides users with everything they need to create, modify, and publish a free website on the Internet—no tech skills required. WebSelf offers customizable modern and mobile-optimized templates, free support and it includes all the essential SEO tools for a good performance in search engines.

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