Planning a holiday requires some effort from the employee. So don’t overcomplicate the time-off request process with paper trails and a messy approval chain. Automate your flow with the help of HR online forms by 123FormBuilder, such as this vacation request form. This way, key people will receive real-time notifications. Having things run smoothly in the HR department will get you some happy employees!

Get more than a simple Vacation Request Form template

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  • Connect your data to your favorite tools
  • Keep track of all vacation requests
  • Approve or reject vacation requests on email

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vacation request form?

A vacation request form is a document employees fill in when requesting time off from their employers. Unlike the time-off request, the vacation request enables employees to spend more time with their families, while the time-off, or PTO, may include urgencies or sickness leaves. An online vacation request form reduces the paper costs of processing vacation requests in a company through an online form that is easier to maintain and fill in from any location or device.

How do I create a vacation request form?

A simple yet professional-looking vacation request form that you can further edit in any way your HR department sees fit. No need to bother your developer, our online forms are easily customizable with just a drag & drop effort. If required, add multiple email notifications to have responses go to both HR and management. Set up an approval flow that the employee’s manager will use to approve or reject a request.

How can I use an online vacation request form?

Customizing one of our HR templates is a piece of cake, but sharing them is even easier. Make your vacation request form available on any web platform your employees have access to, such as an intranet. Send the form URL by email or a messaging app to allow your team to request time off even when not at a desktop. All the data collected through our vacation request form gets securely stored in a dedicated database. Generate and download custom reports to track all records smoothly. In addition, you can integrate form data with some of our most popular web applications out there.

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