Frequently Asked Questions

What is a holiday request?

A holiday request is usually a form that employees fill out in advance requesting time off from work. The employee’s manager or team leader will approve or deny the request based on the internal alignment of the team’s schedules and workload.

How can I approve or reject a holiday request?

Once you’ve received a holiday request from your employee, you can approve or deny the request by either checking a box or putting down your signature. The employee will automatically receive a copy of the request with your decision. If your form is connected to other tools, it’s possible that the employee will receive a notification through those systems as well.

Customize template

Optimize this holiday request form sample in any way you want by adding your corporate logo, changing the overall look and feel, selecting other field types from the left editor menu, and much more. Configure email notifications so that the requests go to the right supervisor for approval. Our platform is intuitive and doesn’t require any programming skills.

Publish template

Employees will be able to submit holiday requests even from their smartphones, because of our mobile-responsive web form. Share the vacation request form with your staff with a simple copy-paste, publish the form URL on an intranet or send it by email if you like.

Collect & manage data

Keeping holiday request records is made so much easier with online forms. Data is securely collected and stored on a dedicated database. From there, you can easily update entries if changes are made to the requests. You can also download data tables in the format of your choice or connect them with third-party applications.

Optimize processes

Speed up processes in your HR department with easy-to-customize online forms. Provide your employees with a friendly holiday request form that they can fill within seconds. Automate the time-off request flow to reach the key people in your company and get approvals in a timely manner.

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