Customize template

Sexual harassment is serious business. Collect and respond to complaints in an organized, consistent and professional manner using our sexual harassment complaint form template. Start with basic information such as complainant and respondent, nature of the issue, and customize the form to meet the needs of your organization. No matter what information you need, our form will gather it so you can investigate and resolve complaints privately and to the best of your ability.

Publish template

When it comes to sexual harassment complaints, it’s important to keep information private. Therefore we enable secure publishing to a link or your website. No matter where you need to make the form available, we can publish it to that platform, even connect with your website publishing platform if needed. Forms are mobile compatible, so people can even submit a complaint from a mobile device if they need to.

Collect & manage data

Sexual harassment complaints need to be handled with compassion and privacy, so we store all complaint data in a secure database. You can safely export complaints to Excel, CSV, or PDF files, or securely connect with other systems that you use in your business. No matter how you choose to track sexual harassment complaints, we can help you do so efficiently and securely.

Optimize processes

Make sure that every sexual harassment complaint made is investigated and followed up on in a timely fashion. Get instant email or SMS alerts when new complaints come in. This way, you can begin the investigation process quickly and avoid further negative impact on those involved.

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