Customize template

If your educational body requires undergraduates to live on campus, you might find this parent verification form useful for those instances that qualify as exceptions to the rule. Completing the form will confirm that said students live with their parents. To this end, adapt this form example to meet your specific requirements. Naturally, it already includes the basics and the necessary electronic signature fields. But you could also drag and drop other field types. Or just add the University’s logo. Your choice!

Publish template

So you’ve configured the residence confirmation form in a way that’s satisfying. Next step – get responses from parents and students by sending the form link through email, making it available on your website or a dedicated forum. Additionally, if needed, share the link on social platforms if there’s a group created for this type of administrative matters. Certainly, both parents and students will be able to fill the form and sign it even from their phones. Indeed, the parent verification form is as mobile responsive as all our other web forms.

Collect & manage data

With 123FormBuilder, you don’t need to worry about data security. In other words, form entries fly directly in a secure database. Ordinarily, you would visit the repository from your account on our platform. However, you can opt to export the table in the format of your choice: Excel, CSV, or PDF. And if you are already used to certain web apps for file management, visit our third-party integration options.

Optimize processes

Simplify residence policies within your University with the help of web-based forms. For this purpose, you can take advantage of the options 123FormBuilder provides to configure multiple email recipients and set up autoresponders. Of course, every notification lands in the inbox in real-time. Therefore you can discard those obsolete paper checklists from your educational institution.

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