Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize a template?

In charge of ordering office supplies? Use this office supply request form template to compile your purchase list. You don’t need to know any coding to modify and implement this online form. Simply drag and drop to add and remove questions. Checkboxes, dropdown selectors, numeric entries and many more data types are ready to use. Give it a personal touch, too, with a company logo and your choice of typefaces and colors.

How do I publish a template?

There are several options for making the office supply request form available to your coworkers. If you have an intranet site, you can place the form directly on a page with an instantaneous copy and paste. In addition, you can share over email or perhaps in a private Facebook group by just sending the link. The form’s layout is responsive—it resizes for phones and tablets—so it still works for employees during their commute or on business trips.

How can I collect & manage data?

Submissions placed on the office supply request form go straight to a secure database, which you can collect via your 123FormBuilder dashboard when you’re ready to prepare an order. You can export the database to Excel or CSV, which you could load into a procurement system if your company uses one. PDF is yet another export option, great for record-keeping. In addition, form integrations allow you to feed the data directly into other apps.

How can I optimize processes?

Why key in entries from a Word doc or printed form when you can have everything already online with a web-based office supply request form? The flexibility of the template means there are many tweaks you can perform to make your life even easier. For example, tally the total price of all items ordered and set a budget. Then create custom notifications that send email to your accounting department and procurement team as well as a copy to the employee who made the request.

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